Ideas for Retail Wall Displays and Decor

Wall space in retail stores can be used in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most common use is for merchandising products by creating retail wall displays. Utilizing wall space effectively to help sell more product can boost a store’s sales per square foot. However, in most cases retailers strike a balance whereby some of the perimeter wall space is used for merchandising and some is used to enhance store décor. In other cases, wall space can be used for retailer or brand messaging or brand building. In today’s post, we’ll look at a few examples of utilizing retail wall space for some creative retail display ideas.

  1. Bloom Farms Wall– We designed and manufactured a merchandising wall for Bloom Farms that would not only get noticed but would help to communicate the natural qualities of its cannabis brand. We used cedar wood planks with an Eco-Treat finish. We included 5 adjustable shelves, a framed photo, and 2 laser-engraved branding elements.
  1. Sugarfina Reception Wall– Wall décor is a key ingredient in Sugarfina’s retail stores. Makers of delicious artisan and luxury candies, Sugarfina wanted to make a statement of quality and elegance with the wall décor behind its checkout area. We created a scalloped wall using MDF with a gloss white painted finish. We designed the wall to be modular so it broke down in pieces that were cost-effective to ship and fit together for easy assembly. Once the wall was in place, installers added a beautiful wall-mounted logo piece.

The picture below shows the check-out area in the context of the store layout.

  1. Lapco Wall Display– Our next example is much more along the lines of traditional wall merchandising. It’s a 20-ft. modular wall we created for Lapco, maker of flame-resistant uniforms and modern industrial workwear. The merchandising wall broke down into 2 ft. sections which included shelf standards. We printed the back panels, added MDF section separators, printed PVC header signs, and included adjustable shelves and hanging accessories.
  1. Aqua Sphere Slatwall Wall Merchandiser– In many cases., retailers have existing slatwall already installed on walls. Brands are challenged to create an effective merchandising program given the space they are allotted. Such was the case with Aqua Sphere, a premium swim optics manufacturer. We developed a slatwall merchandising arrangement to make the Aqua Sphere brand stand out while incorporating a broad range of swim goggle inventory.

We started with a header lightbox featuring the Aqua Sphere logo, added an action graphic which we mounted with rear slatwall brackets, included a display shelf with graphics for an unboxed pair of goggles, and completed the display wall with a hook-mounted PVC graphic and standard slatwall hooks.

  1. Vuori Wall Décor– Vuori does a great job of simple and impactful wall décor. One example is the mountain range behind the cash wrap that we manufactured and installed in their Boulder, Colorado store.

Another example is the messaging wall shown below. Vuori used this available wall space in their Pop-Up store in the Hamptons to clearly communicate what the Vuori brand is all about.

  1. Branding Wall– Our last example shows how you can create a branding wall with a collection of signs and lifestyle graphics. We created the slatwall-mounted signs and framed lifestyle graphics to showcase some of the most popular brands carried by Tillys.

Walls represent valuable real estate in any store. Creative retail wall displays and wall décor can both contribute to driving store sales and increasing brand recognition.

Retail wall displays and retail décor can be used to boost sales, increase brand awareness, and communicate brand messaging. Check out practical 6 examples.

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