How to Make Your Custom POP Display Compelling for the Countertop

Countertop space in retail stores has always been in short supply. As many retail chains experiment with smaller footprint stores we expect countertop space to continue to be at a premium. If you are a product company looking to secure countertop space, you will increase your chances of success if you can sell the retailer on a custom POP display that is compelling for the countertop.

Jewelry CounterTop Custom POP Display

So what makes for a compelling countertop display? In this blog, we’ll look at some of the key factors to consider in making your countertop display successful. In our experience, compelling countertop displays have a common set of characteristics:

1) Small footprint- Our definition of compelling includes not only the consumer’s perspective, but also the retailer’s. Given that countertop space is at a premium, part of a compelling solution for the retailer is to have as small a footprint as possible. Retailers still calculate sales per square foot so trying to maximize that equation for the retailer is important to keep in mind. In addition to a small footprint, make sure your display is not too tall. We generally recommend keeping counter displays no taller than 24”, or maybe 27” at the max.

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2) Functional/Versatile- The display must be functional and versatile. What that means is that it must be able to work equally well in a variety of retail settings. In some stores, you might secure countertop space that can be viewed from 360 degrees. In that case, a 4-sided stationary fixture might work fine. But, in a small boutique your display might be jammed in a countertop corner location where is has to spin in order to show product on all 4 sides. In many cases, the product manufacturer does not know the exact location for the display so it’s best to ensure your design will work in virtually any location.

T-REIGN Table Top Custom POP Displays

3) Eye-catching- From a design standpoint, you need to make sure your display is eye-catching. Be sure that it will stand out from the sea of other displays and visual stimuli that shoppers encounter in the store. Think about whether your product is a destination product or an impulse item. Chances are that if you are positioned on the countertop, you have an impulse item although that is not always the case.

As you work toward a final design, think about how you can get a disinterested shopper to feel that impulse and reach for your product. In addition to having a price point that will drive impulse sales (often less than $10-$15), your product must have a clear value proposition for the consumer and must look really attractive on the display.

Table Top Bijolie Sandal Custom POP Displays

4) Serviceable-   Making your countertop display serviceable starts with making it easy to assemble or having it arrive to the store fully assembled. Furthermore, in the design phase of your custom POP display, make sure you think about all of the elements of servicing the display. Consider how easy the display will be to refill and keep looking nice. Think about how easy it will be to clean the display. Not all displays are properly maintained in retail stores, so before choosing a black MDF base for example, think about how the base will look with a thin layer of dust.

If your are compelled to tell your product’s story and would like to include a brochure with your display, think about the servicing aspects associated with refilling the brochures once they are out of stock.

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