How to Make Ordinary POP Retail Displays Extraordinary

The end game in creating POP retail displays is to make your product stand out, to create a postitive brand image, and ultimately to sell more product. Achieving these objectives in today’s quickly changing retail environment is becoming increasingly challenging. Store formats are shrinking, and more and more products are being brought to market to compete for scarce shelf space and floor space. The obvious implication is that point-of-purchase displays need to help your product stand out more so today than any time in the past. So how do you take an ordinary POP display and make it extraordinary?
Let’s look at a few examples. We designed the floor display shown below for Chao’s line of cold weather protection products. Chaos is known for its commitment to style, and it was important to create a unique voice for the Chaos brand within an intensely competitive cold weather protection category. Some companies might have settled for an ordinary display made out of a metal structure with a branded header. But, what we think makes the display we created extraordinary is the way in which all of the display elements work togther to create an eye-catching, brand-building merchandiser. We started ordinary with a 2-sided metal frame on castors, but we added slotted back panels to give the display a higher-end look. The PVC base sign served to cover the metal base structure and create more branding real estate. The PVC side signs featured lifestyle graphics and additional branding. We die cut the side signs so the top of the signs reinforced the mountain/outdoor theme. Similarly, we added a cool die-cut header sign which had also featured lifestyle graphics, company logo and a jagged mountain top.


Our second example is a display we designed for Diageo’s fast growing tequila brand Jose Cuervo. Standing out in the crowded liquor category is always a challenge so we decided to design a 3-sided floor display with a circular structure. We need to raise the display up so the bottom row would be high enough to be easy to shop. We decided to use an understated black MDF base.  On top of the base we created a metal structure with circular shelves. We created sheet metal shelf lips that could accommodate branding. The entire metal structure was built to spin so the display could be placed in almost any location at retail. Finally, we created a 3-sided concave header with simple graphics to sit on the circular sheet metal top.


Our third example today falls in the POP accessory category. Many of our customers don’t think very much about hooks, other than the length and the amount of weight they must support. But, just as with POP displays, hooks can be designed to be extraordinary as well.  The 2 examples we show below are hooks we designed for Cudas Footwear. They are basically the same hook, but one fits slatwall and the other hangs on grid.  What made these two hooks so effective were the die-cut end plates that we designed in the shape of a foot as well as the silk screened branding we added.  The hooks carried their own branding message and could stand on their own, but they were particularly effective when used in conjunction with the footwear floor display we created. They proved to be a perfect unifying design element.


Our final example is the Gobionic trail shoe glorifer we designed for Skechers.  We created this display out of a single piece of laser cut sheet metal which was bent at the point the base meets the back panel. We wrapped the base and back panel in digitally printed vinyl graphics and added a simple angled riser on which we mounted 2 trail shoes. We added a third front-facing shoe under the riser. Designing the display to accommodate an odd number of shoes was part of what made the display stand out, and it also enabled us to show the sides of the shoe as well as the front view of the shoe. What we think made this display extraordinary was its simplicity, its branding, its visual impact, and its cost effectiveness.


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