Hat Display Stand Examples for Cap and Headwear Merchandising Programs Part I

BIOWORLD hat display stand

This post is the first in a 2-part series in which our primary objective is to share hat display stand examples that can serve as the basis for a successful retail merchandising program. Caps, hats, knits, and other types of headwear represent a huge product segment within the apparel category. It’s a $3+ billion business and has been growing as a result of a recovering economy, growth is outdoor sporting activities, demographic shifts, and changing fashion trends.
Headwear is an impulse category as much as it is a destination item. This, combined with the fact that the industry is highly fragmented and extraordinarily competitive, underscores the importance of having an effective retail display. Today, we’ll look at the first 10 of 20 examples of ball cap displays & other headwear racks that we hope will provide some creative inspiration for your next POP display project. In Part II of this blog series, we’ll review the other 10 display examples.  
Our first example is a 2-sided cap display we designed for Bioworld Merchandising. This knock-down wire display includes 28 cap shelves, each of which holds 6-8 caps. The side-by-side caps on this metal hat display stand are separated by a wire divider. We created an interchangeable header sign and added full-length side graphics to include product and lifestyle shots.

BIOWORLD  hat display stand

Our second example is an all-knit floor merchandiser we designed for Ambler Mountain. Simple in its construction, this display includes a 5-star metal base, a 3-part pole, removable header, and 5 spinning knit tiers with individual frames to display the knits.

AMW hat display stand

Third, we wanted to show an example of a simple way to cross-merchandise caps with other apparel items. This is our stock SFL-HRACK, and there’s really no magic to this one since the hats just sit on a shelf. The downside of this approach is there is no real organizing mechanism to keep the caps tidy so a nice presentation is somewhat dependent on having conscientious store personnel to keep everything looking good. However, in this example there are only a limited number of hats so the risk of things getting in disarray are lower than you might find with a high-volume headwear fixture.

SFL HRACK hat display stand

Our fourth example is a variation of our stock CAP-8 rack. If you are familiar with that unit, it is known for its distinctive “wave” that is designed into the uprights. This is one we designed for Adidas. We made it a 6-pocket fixture, added side and front pocket branding, a custom header sign, and a black curved plastic base cover with branding.

Adidas hat display stand

In an attempt to create a counter cap display for Adidas within the same family of displays, we designed the 4-pocket display shown below. The base, header sign, and cap pockets are removable so the unit ships in a relatively flat box. We kept the front and side branding on the pockets, and this time we powder coated the unit in bright blue instead of black like the floor display shown above.

Adidas hat display stand

As long as we are talking about Adidas, take a look below at the Adidas hat display stand that we designed. This 1-sided cap display includes a branded MDF base, a metal center post with a vertical graphic channel for an interchangeable sign, a branded header and 12 branded wire cap pockets, each for which holds 6-8 caps.

Adidas Tower hat display stand

If you’ve ever been in a Lids store, the next concept will be familiar to you. If you have wall space in your store and are looking to fit as much headwear product as possible, you might want to take an approach like the one shown below. This is basically just a wall of caps with some Legacy Athletic header signage and branded wire pockets. It’s relatively unimaginative, but we wanted to present it as an option for those who might be interested in maximizing wall space.

LC SW CAP WALL hat display stand

Our next example shown below is a customization of our stock SW-62FL 2-sided hat stand display slatwall unit. Using this standard slatwall unit, we added 26 branded sheet metal pockets and created branded belt hangers. We finished the unit by incorporating PVC side signs and a header sign to make it a well-branded, cross-merchandising fixture.

LC SW62FL hat display stand

Our final two examples were hat display stands we designed for New Era. The first is a 1- sided, 16-pocket cap display that leverages our upright wave design and features 8 levels of side-by-side wire cap pockets. We added a vacuum formed base cover, a vertical back panel graphic, and a die-cut header sign.

New Era Cap hat display stand

We created an 18-pocket variation of this display shown below which has 6 levels of three pockets. We designed a larger vacuum formed base cover, sheet metal cap pockets, and a large curved PVC header sign.

New Era Triple hat display stand

In our next blog, we’ll look at 10 more examples of hat display stands.

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