Fostering Creativity in Teams that Design Retail POP Displays

Creativity has always been at the heart of great design. It’s no different for industrial designers who make a living designing retail POP displays. A busy POP display designer might be called on to design 100 or more displays in a year. With tight deadlines and a heavy workload, it’s easy for a designer to get burnt out and lose that creative spark. So how can you foster creativity among design teams?
We have found 3 approaches to be effective in keeping creativity alive in our design team.

Encourage Designers to Work on Personal Projects- People are most creative when they work on projects that are of interest to them. Personal projects are a source of growth and creative renewal. It also fosters learning. One of our designers taught himself how to use our CNC machine. He has designed and made all kinds of things in our shop- a paint ball carrying case, a pirate-themed wooden toy chest, a dresser, a spider drone, a lamp, a fishing pole wall mount, and a book shelf. A few pictures of his creations are shown below.

Modern LED bamboo light - Design
Bamboo S imagination of reading book shelf
Spider drone that will take over the world
Wood Pirate toy chest for your mates
Bamboo fishing pole holder

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