Custom Retail Displays for the Countertop- Part V

Today we are continuing our blog series on custom retail displays for the countertop. If you missed our first 4 posts, you can read Part I herePart II herePart III here, and Part IV here. Just to recap, counter POP displays can be extremely effective for impulse items, new product introductions, and smaller products. This blog series is less about discussing best practices for countertop displays and more about surveying lots of different examples of different types and styles of countertop displays. So, let’s dive right in to our next 10 examples.
Our first example shown below was designed as a companion display to a slatwall floor display for Griffin Technology. Like the floor display, the counter version is also a slatwall spinner with a dark chocolate finish, an MDF base that sits on a bearing, extruded aluminum slat inserts, 6 single-peg slatwall hooks per side, and digitally printed vinyl header and side graphics.

GRIFFIN Custom retail displays

The Lela Belle jewelry counter display shown below is a highly versatile spinning display which we made out of MDF. We added a high-gloss polyurethane finish and a gold screen-printed logo. The display featured two “showcase sides” that were used to show off the company’s jewelry products. The third side was covered by a full-length printed graphic. The fourth side featured a set of pull-out drawers that held product. This display was challenging to design and manufacture but very effective in a retail setting.

LELA BELLE Custom retail displays
LB Custom retail displays

The third example of one of our custom retail displays is the counter spinner we designed for Lonely Planet. This was a fairly simple spinning display that utilized an MDF base with a wood laminate finish, a metal center pole, wire book pockets on 4 sides, and circular sheet metal header with silk screened logo graphics.

Fourth, we designed the 2-sided locking counter case display for Master Cutlery. Cutlery is a high value item and can be dangerous so it is almost always in a locking case in retail stores. Our design featured black and red painted MDF to match the brand, a screen-printed base, locking acrylic doors, and a framed digitally printed PVC header.

Master Cutlery Presentation-1

The Helen Welsh counter top display shown below is yet another example of a very cost-effective display. We designed the display with a simple circular solid wood base, a center pole, 3 adjustable spinning circular wire tiers, and a 4-sided sheet metal header with logo graphics. This type of display works well for products that are packaged with a hang tag.

Helen Welsh Custom retail displays

The 4-sided Universal Studios DVD display shown below was constructed using a sheet metal base, center shaft and header. On this particular version, we used wire pockets to keep the cost down, but we also designed one that included sheet metal pockets that was a bit more upscale looking and also more expensive. We powder coated the unit black but added silver sheet metal accents to match the silver wire pockets. We screen-printed the header and base to ensure the unit was well branded.

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Custom retail displays

Our seventh example shown below is a countertop belt buckle display we designed for Switch & Co. We chose to make this out of glossy black acrylic, but it could also be made of sheet metal. This display was designed to be 1-sided, but it could have very easily been modified to be a 2-sided display. We branded the base and header to reinforce the company name. If budget permitted it would have been cool to make the header a light box.

SWICO Custom retail displays

Custom retail displays come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes. Our eighth example below is constructed of sheet metal and combines a circular base bin with a square header. The display was deigned to merchandise Slime’s tire pressure gauges and auto accessory products in auto parts stores. The circular base bin included product dividers. The base and header were connected by round tubing, and both were wrapped in brand-promoting vinyl graphics.

SLIME Custom retail displays

At number nine, we designed the custom retail counter display shown below for Scosche headphones. The display is constructed of sheet metal and includes a branded base, a removable slotted back panel, vinyl graphics around the main structure, side headphone hangers and adjustable single peg hooks.

SCOSCHE Custom retail displays

Our final example today is a 2-sided spinning counter display we designed for Fenix Lighting. To create this custom counter retail display, we used a black MDF base and slotted center panel, side signs, adjustable hooks, and a laser-cut black acrylic header with a screen-printed logo on both sides.

That’s it for today, but don’t miss our next blog which will be the final installment in our 6-part series on custom retail displays.

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