Custom Retail Displays for Big Beverage Brands

In the last few years we have had an opportunity to make thousands of custom retail displays for big beverage brands like Coke, Pepsi, and Schweppes. All of these brands continue to fight for market share and are looking for ways to extend their brands as they face mounting pressure related to health concerns about their products, which has been choking off demand. Instore marketing remains a central part of the sales and marketing strategy of all of the big beverage brands. These brands understand that their products are both destination products as well as impulse products. For many shoppers, these products are part of their weekly shopping list, and they know exactly where to find their weekly fix among the inline assortment of beverage products.

However, for these big beverage brands the real battle is not fought on the gondola shelves where the destination shoppers head each week. The real battle is fought on the supermarket floor where most of the energy and display budget is spent trying to capture the impulse buyer through promotional programs and POP displays that can convert a disengaged shopper into an impulse customer. These promotional and permanent POP displays also play a secondary brand-building role while providing another location to convert destination shoppers as well.

Most beverage displays are designed to be fairly cost effective which is almost always necessary when the product being sold has a low price point. It goes without saying that big brand beverage displays tend to be simpler and more straight forward to manufacture than a sophisticated consumer electronics display, for example. We’ve seen a few attempts to make beverage displays more high-end by incorporating things like digital media players and LED lighting, but we’ve never really seen any of these attempts at sophistication get traction in the market.

Let’s look at several examples of custom retail displays we have manufactured for big beverage brands. The first example is what is known as the Mexican Coke rack. This display is constructed out of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified solid pine wood. We screen printed the graphics on the sides and shelf fronts, added decorative metal brackets to the shelves, incorporated a metal shelf grid, and added a digitally printed header sign. Coca-Cola is committed to environmental sustainability so all of the examples shown below are FSC certified. The wood is sustainably harvested and follows a strict chain of custody throughout the supply chain before getting to an FSC-certified  millwork shop like ours.

COKE Custom Retail Displays

Our second set of examples includes 3 different sizes of low profile floor displays for individual bottles of Coke. Like the display above, we made all of these mobile displays using FSC-certified pine. We added die-cut side, header and shelf graphics.

Coke Custom Retail Displays
Coke small Custom Retail Displays
Coke large Custom Retail Displays

Third, we manufactured the very basic 4-sided pinwheel shelf display for Coke. It was designed to go on top of a plastic pallet and is shown below with aluminum tag molding but no signage. 

PINWHEEL Custom Retail Displays

Fourth, we made the Pepsi endcap display below for Target stores. It is s relatively shallow, simple shelf display constructed of MDF with a white melamine finish, black edge banding, and vinyl printed graphics. Despite its simplicity, this display drove an immediate 35% increase in sales.

Target Endcapper Custom Retail Displays

Our fifth example is a 3-sided endcap display we manufactured for Pepsi which was installed in Ralphs stores throughout California. The display was constructed of MDF with a melamine finish and incorporated shelf standards to enable shelf adjustability. We printed one long header graphic which created branding on the 3 sides of the display.

PFI PEPSI Custom Retail Displays

Our sixth example is the Frappuccino/bread table display shown below that we made for Pepsi. It was co-branded with Starbucks and Wal-Mart and was placed in the wide center aisles of Wal-Mart stores. The display was constructed of MDF with a maple melamine finish and required heavy duty castors to support a heavy product load. The shelves were fixed in place and included aluminum tag molding and the top shelf was raised by two powder coated metal shelf supports. The display also included some wire shelf inserts which are not pictured below.

PFI STARBUCKS Custom Retail Displays

Finally, we made the Schweppes 4-shelf wood display shown below which a simple knock-down design constructed of dark stained pine wood. The display included screen printed branding on the sides and fronts of the shelves.

SHWEPS Custom Retail Displays
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