Custom Counter Top Display Fixtures

Counter space is always at a premium at retail. In this blog we’ll look at several examples of custom counter top display fixtures. Branding is a very important part of any display program, and it is particularly important for counter displays which are often positioned near the checkout counter (if you are lucky) where shoppers can be distracted by smart phones or where they might be preoccupied in preparation for the checkout process.

Cosmetic Counter Top Display Rack

This simple yet convenient counter top display is one we designed for Jordana. It can be merchandised anywhere in a retail store. It can merchandise 14 SKUs and features a small footprint. The display can be used as a destination display in the cosmetic department, or it can be used as an impulse display to immediately boost sales when positioned strategically near a checkout counter. This display also has the flexibility to be used as one of the modules in a larger floor display.


Counter Top Glove Display

We designed this counter glove glorifier for 180s. The focus of the display was a demo glove that was designed to show the customer the actual product. Our design team decided the best way to accomplish this was by using an actual glove on a vertically positioned mannequin hand. We created a silver powder coated perforated sheet metal back panel to ensure the focus was on the glove. The sheet metal back panel also provided a convenient way to attach the mannequin hand to the fixture. To the right of the glove we created an acrylic back panel with a visually impactful graphic that not only reinforced the 180s brand also provided important information and pictures that described the technical aspects of the glove as well as the differentiating features and benefits of the glove.


Locking counter top display for lighters

RICH LTD. designed this simple and cost-effective locking counter display for licensed Blue Rhino lighters. The display was constructed primarily out of metal tube and sheet metal with an acrylic front door and wire pockets to hold lighter boxes. We added a white PVC back panel and digitally printed side graphics which told the Blue Rhino lighter story. Small details like the clear PVC panel top to let natural light into the display helped to make the display effective at retail.


E-Cigarette Counter Top Display

Another example of a counter top display we designed is an e-cigarette display we designed for The SafeCIG. This display was created using white acrylic with clear acrylic product holders. We silk screened the side and base graphics but used dimensional acrylic letters for the header graphics. We used LED lighting inside the fixture which really made the fixture and the product pop.


Counter top cap display fixture

We customized our countertop CAP-3 cap fixture for Adidas. This is a simple metal cap fixture, but it does a great job of keeping the focus on the caps. We used our basic CAP-3 structure but added back support tubing and another pocket to make it a 4-SKU fixture. We also wanted this fixture to scream the Adidas brand so we added a digitally printed PVC header graphic as well as front and side pocket branding.


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