Creating Impactful Instore Experiences with the Right Collection of POP Displays

As we mark the official start of summer, we thought it would be timely to share some highlights from a worldwide roll-out of Roxy’s “On the Beach” merchandising program. Roxy is a global lifestyle brand which has grown to become the world’s largest action sport fashion apparel company for young women. The Roxy product line encompasses a broad range of products from swimwear, apparel, handbags, watches and other accessories to footwear, wet suits, snow apparel, eyewear, and more. The “On the Beach” merchandising program was designed to create an instore experience to reinforce the lifestyle aspects of the Roxy brand. It was not only about creating the right collection of POP displays to showcase the “Must-Haves Made for the Salt Water and Sand,” but it was also about incorporating a variety of décor items, visual accents, and branding elements to create the right beachy vibe to support the brand.

The glass case shown above was filled with real sand which set the tone for the beachy vibe it was intended to create while also serving as the perfect backdrop for the “On the Beach” graphics.

We made a secondary tabletop acrylic sign to hammer home the “On the Beach” theme.

To create the right environment, we incorporated a number of beach/summertime décor items to stage the merchandising area. We started with the plant shown below which we set in a woven basket.

We printed a large organic-shaped vinyl floor graphic representing a body of water with a sand border and perimeter Roxy branding.

We fabricated woven baskets with Roxy-branded ceramic plates on the lid- the kind of baskets that might hold a set of rolled towels on a warm summer day.

Of course, no beach scene would be complete without a branded fold-out Roxy chair.

Similarly, we fabricated a real surfboard and a branded wooden stand for each store environment to support the “On the Beach” theme.

We created a Roxy branded headwear glorifier out of wire and sheet metal.

In much the same way, we made a simple branded handbag glorifier.

We made a couple different versions of metal shelf talkers which were designed to mount to the front of wood shelves. Each shelf talker came with an interchangeable front graphic.

We also created a simple floor display for hanging apparel which we built out of meal tubing for hanging apparel items. We hung the PVC sign using white faux leather straps.

We fabricated the branded umbrella which is shown below along with a number of the other décor elements which could be arranged in a variety of configurations to create an inviting beach scene.

The “On the Beach” theme was extended to the store front with the window graphics shown below.

The two pictures shown below are an example of a live implementation of a number of the “On the Beach” elements in a store in Southern California.

The Roxy merchandising program is illustrative of the importance of creating a complete instore experience rather than focusing solely on merchandising individual products. This is particularly important when it comes to creating merchandising programs that are designed to support lifestyle brands.

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