Creating a Unified Store Environment by Customizing Stock POP Displays

The retail industry continues to face shorter planning horizons, and thanks to the success of companies like Amazon, we live in an “I want it now” world in which immediate gratification is the norm. Meeting customer expectations for fast delivery and convenience has become a competitive requirement. When it comes to POP displays, one option to achieve shorter delivery times is finding a stock display that will work right out of the box and can ship immediately. However, it is not always possible to find just the right fixture to meet your needs. We’ve been big advocates of customizing stock displays as a solution that can meet the requirement for fast turnaround times as well as the need for customized branding and more of a differentiated look.

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Today’s post will continue the theme of customizing stock POP displays, but our focus will be on how to create a uniform store environment by customizing a collection of stock displays. The example we will use is a customized collection we created for Evans Brewing Co., which is the oldest craft brewing company in Orange County, CA. The collection we created was specifically designed to sell apparel and other merchandise in one of their new locations. They are still working out issues related to branding for their merchandise so the pictures we will share below intentionally have no graphics.

We began by selecting a few core stock displays that we could customize and then round out the collection with other fixtures. We chose two fixtures from our SFL line- the SFL-PINWHEEL and the SFL-HRACK. These two fixtures are shown below with merchandise as they appear in our catalog.


We offer these stock fixtures with silver or black frames so we went with black frames and changed out the panels and shelves. We used a dark walnut stain to match the décor of the brewery. The two customized fixtures are shown below.

evans POP Displays
evans POP Displays

The next fixture we selected was our stock 4-WAY-EXT which is designed primarily for hanging apparel items. It is pictured below in our catalog with and without product.

4WAY POP Displays

As shown below for the 4-WAY-EXT all we had to do was change out the base with a dark walnut stained base.

evans POP Displays

Our customer also wanted a 1-sided floor shelf display. As shown below, we chose our WD4SH-PLK-ST display which we already offer in dark walnut stain as a stock item.

evans POP Displays

The next display we customized was our SW-WD-1-SIDED which is a relatively unique slatwall display. We show it below as it appears in our catalog, and then you can see how it looks with the dark walnut stain customization.

Evans POP Displays

The customer requested a t-shirt cubbie display with a center hanging bar so we made the custom unit shown below to match the look and feel of the other units.

aft POP Displays

Finally, the customer also needed a cash wrap. Since we don’t offer a cash wrap as a stock item, we made a custom cash wrap in our millwork shop which featured dark walnut stained pine slats, a solid surface counter top, and inside shelves and cabinets as shown below.

Evan POP Displays
Evan POP Displays

Although we don’t have pictures of the customized fixtures in the brewery setting, the image below shows the collection together.

store mock up POP Displays

Customized stock displays supplemented by some custom displays can be a great way to create a collection of displays that can meet an aggressive time line while also offering a differentiated look.

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