College Bookstore Displays that Drive Sales and Build Brands

It started as many things do- small and simple. It was a class project for Management 101, a required course for business majors at Bucknell University, a small college in the heart of Central Pennsylvania’s Amish country. Alex Nolin, CEO and Founder of Uscape Apparel, decided for his project he would create a line of custom lifestyle apparel for Bucknell. Six years later Uscape Apparel is an industry leader in the college and resort lifestyle apparel industry with more than 350 college licenses and products sold in over 700 retail locations. Part of the company’s success in this highly competitive industry can be attributed to effective instore merchandising. In today’s post, we’ll share 3 of RICH LTD.’s stock fixtures that Uscape customized to create college bookshop displays that helped to build its brand and drive retail apparel sales.

  1. 4-WAY POST– We customized our 4-WAY POST display for Uscape by adding branding on both sides of the base and incorporating a simple can’t-miss-it header sign. This 2-sided, high-capacity display features eco-friendly bamboo panel inserts on the base, 2 slotted upright posts, and adjustable waterfall arms. You can see how it stands out relative to the other generic apparel fixtures in the store.

The same 4-WAY POST fixture can be configured in a completely different way by using different accessories and different branding. For example, the configuration below might work well for a boutique or resort store.

  1. Nesting Tables– Nesting tables are commonly used for merchandising apparel items in many types of retail stores. Uscape did a nice job of merchandising our nesting tables and making their product stand out in the Long Beach State college bookstore below. The solid bamboo table tops fit nicely with Uscape’s other fixtures to help create a uniform look and a cohesive family of fixtures. To the right of the nesting tables, you can see another one of their fixtures which also has a branded bamboo base.
The right college bookstore displays are an essential requirement for apparel companies competing in the hyper-crowded university licensed apparel market.

While the above nesting tables fit the Uscape brand and the college bookstore environment, there are lots of other styles of tables that can be designed and fabricated to match the décor and aesthetic of more of a boutique or resort retail environment. An example of nesting tables and a tiered table we created for Maidenform help to illustrate this point.

  1. 4-WAY-EXT– Uscape used our stock 4-WAY-EXT fixture to cross-merchandise shirts and headwear. This 4-sided display can be configured with multiple types of accessories. In this case, Uscape utilized waterfall arms to display its long-sleeve t-shirts and our cap pockets to merchandise its line of GGU caps. The colorful 2-sided header sign helped to reinforce the Uscape brand.

Another example of the 4-WAY-EXT fixture with different accessories and different branding is the Blue84 fixture shown in the USC bookstore with straight-outs instead of waterfalls.

For reference, a view of the 4-WAY-EXT with no merchandise is shown below with straight-outs and a header sign holder.

After a year of online learning due to Covid, college bookstores are once again bustling and companies like Uscape are well positioned to capitalize on the enthusiastic return of students to campus.

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