Check Out This Highly Cost-Effective Wood Sunglass Display

Every now and then we like to share displays we have designed and manufactured that we feel are extremely cost-effective, that represent exceptional value for our customers, and that are capable of generating an extraordinary return on investment. We created a wood sunglass display for ICU Eyewear that not only sells a lot of sunglasses but is highly cost-effective. Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits of this display.

Here’s a picture of the wooden sunglasses stand in Sprouts.

ICU Wood Sunglass Retail POP Display

As the above picture shows, this is a 2-sided display that holds 30 pairs of sunglasses per side for a total of 60 sunglasses. This low-profile display is endearing to the line of sight police that enforce height restrictions in retailer organizations. The sunglasses stand is constructed of clear coated pine wood, which is a very cost-effective wood species and one that fits well in natural products store environments. The display has simple wire nose pieces that virtually go unnoticed in the presence of the wood fame and base. The oval base and frame detach for shipping which really makes the display cost-effective for shipping, particularly since it is a lightweight display.

The wood sunglass display also has a very cost-effective plastic bearing which enables it to spin reliably and efficiently. The spinning feature is a critical design element since it enables the display to be placed anywhere in the store, including corners and adjacent shelf areas. The picture below shows a similar placement of the display in a Whole Foods Market.

Wood Sunglass Retail POP Display

In addition to the silver powder coated wire nose pieces, we use solid pine dowels to support the ear pieces of the sunglasses. The dowels are super strong, and we have experienced no problems with breakage during shipping, in part because we pack the unit extremely well. We added an acrylic side mirror, an opposite side graphic and a 2-sided PVC header sign which is incorporated into the top of the frame. Retailers have the freedom to add additional signage to the top such as pricing information as shown in the Sprouts picture. Finally, this wooden sunglasses stand is highly durable and is exceeding our customer’s expectations with regard to the longevity.

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