Cannabis Displays, CBD Displays, and Vape Displays- 15 Examples for More Effective Instore Merchandising

Cannabis displays, CBD displays, and vape display cases face a common set of merchandising and marketing challenges. All involve relatively new products which are derived from commodity products. All are under careful regulatory scrutiny, and all require education at the point of sale.

Cannabis has its own unique set of challenges as it is only legal for adults in 11 U.S. states and a total of 33 states for medicinal purposes. It has limited retail distribution and a well-established black market.

CBD, on the other hand, is legal nationwide, federally. Hemp-based topical CBD products have gained mass market retail distribution. However, CBD made from marijuana is still illegal in many areas, and CBD in food, drinks, capsules, ingestible oils, and other consumable forms is still illegal federally.

Vaping products have endured intense media scrutiny surrounding health concerns and under-age use. FDA regulation, along with federal and state legal restrictions, have negatively impacted vaping industry growth prospects.  

In today’s post, we’ll take a quick look at 15 examples of displays across these 3 related product categories.

  1. Bloom Farms Counter Glorifier– We designed the counter display shown below as a glorifier display. The display featured solid cedar wood construction with direct printed graphics, 1 product shelf, a digital media player, and a direct printed curved PVC back panel.
Cannabis Displays, CBD Displays, and Vape Displays are hugely important for capturing customers at the point of sale. Get inspired by these 15 examples.
Bloom Farms Counter Display
  1. Santeer CBD Display– In designing the 7-shelf gravity-fed acrylic display shown below, we focused on bringing attention to the Santeer brand but also clearly identifying the company’s different products and distinct product applications. We are generally not a fan of text-heavy graphics, but the educational requirements are so high in the CBD space that we believe consumers will actually take the time to read and learn about the products.
Santeer Counter Display
  1. Livive– Like the Santeer display shown above, we created the Livive countertop display shown below out of acrylic. We built a product platform with an illuminated base, logo and product deck and enclosed it in a clear acrylic case which could be accessed through a rear door.
Livive Counter Display
  1. Vape Pen Display– The vape pen display shown below is also made of acrylic, but in this case, we added a solid wood base and rear backer. We created 3 vape display case tiers, with inset product placement areas and also included built-in brochure holders.
Bloom Farms Counter Display
  1. 3-Tiered Bloom Farms Counter Display- Similar to our first example, we used solid cedar wood as the core material for the 3-tiered counter display shown below. We added direct printed header and shelf graphics, a digitally printed PVC back panel graphic, and a product pusher system on the middle tier.
3- Tiered Bllom Farms Counter Display
  1. Ignite Counter Display– Our sixth example is the Ignite CBD display shown below which we designed with a small footprint for the convenience store market. Featuring all-acrylic construction, this 4-shelf display includes direct printed front and side graphics and a rear access door.
Ignite Counter Display
  1. 2-Tiered Bloom Farms Counter Display– Similar to the other Bloom Farms displays, we made the simple 2 level display shown below out of cedar wood in which we embedded acrylic product organizers. We finished the display with a removable PVC header sign.
2-Tiered Bloom Farms Counter Display
  1. Leef Organics Countertop Display– We constructed the countertop rolling paper dispenser shown below out of raw plywood and added laser engraved graphics. The display included clear plastic graphic holders in the front, and it was open in the back, enabling easy product loading.
Leef Organics Counter Display
  1. Bloom Farms Easel-Backed Counter Glorifier– Our last Bloom Farms example is a small easel-back counter display shown below. We created a cedar frame with direct printed graphics and added a CNC-cut white acrylic insert to hold products.
Bloom Farms Easel Counter Display
  1. Ocean Hippie Organics– This is another example of a simple counter display, but we used solid carbonized bamboo with a clear coat finish as the main material. We like bamboo for its natural sustainability and visual appeal. We created insets to hold jars and added a removable digitally printed PVC header sign.
Ocrean Hippie Organics Counter Display
  1. Vessel Vape Pen Display– We designed the Vessel Vape Pen display below to portray a premium image. We combined solid wood with a dark stained finish, a white acrylic riser, and a clear acrylic case to achieve our design objectives. We incorporated clear acrylic product cradles and direct printed graphics to ensure the display was well branded.
Vessel Counter Display
  1. Floracal Farms Counter– Our goal with the Floracal Farms display was to create a small footprint, cost-effective display with a high-end look to showcase the company’s line of premium cannabis flower. We cut circular jar insets into the solid wood base and added a dark stained finish and matching PVC header sign.
Floracal Farms Counter Display
  1. Papa & Barkley Product Riser– We used carbonized solid bamboo with a clear coat finish to create this simple product riser. We direct printed the front graphics to achieve a very basic and clean branding piece.
Papa & Barkley Counter Display
  1. Roach Counter Display– The Roach counter display shown below was constructed using MDF with a faux cement finish. We incorporated product inset areas and direct printed the graphics on the front and sides.
Roach Counter Display
  1. Incredibles Counter Display– We designed the Incredibles counter display shown below using all-acrylic construction. The design included 4 individual shelves and printed header and base graphics.
Cannabis Displays, CBD Displays, and Vape Displays are hugely important for capturing customers at the point of sale. Get inspired by these 15 examples.
Incredibles Counter Display

We hope these 15 examples have provided inspiration for your next Cannabis, CBD, or vape display.

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