Acrylic Displays- 30 Examples of Effective Merchandising- Part III

Today’s post is the last part of our 3-part series on acrylic displays. By the end of our series we will have shared 30 practical examples of acrylic displays and merchandisers that utilize acrylic as an accent material. If you missed the first 2 parts of the series, you can check out Part I here and Part II here. So, let’s take a look at our last 10 examples:

1. Cuffwear Counter Display- As mentioned in Part I of our series, acrylic is a common material choice for jewelry displays primarily because it is considered a premium material with an upscale look. We designed the Cuffwear spinning counter display shown below entirely out of glossy black acrylic. The display features a circular base, individual shelves for cufflink boxes, and a 2-sided circular header. We incorporated screen-printed branding and product identifiers.

Cuffwear acrylic displays

2. Criquet Sign Stand- Simple and affordable, the sign stand below features a clear-coated bamboo base with a center channel and a clear acrylic sleeve to hold an interchangeable sign. This stand is super basic but also very practical.

criquet acrylic displays

3. Uno Magnetic Counter Display- The counter display shown below is made of black acrylic and is designed to show Uno Magnetic’s 12 most popular necklace SKUs as well as 4 ring SKUs. This is another example of using acrylic for a jewelry product, and the choice of black acrylic fit well with the company’s product packing. We could have made the header out of acrylic but instead went with PVC which proved to be a cheaper option than acrylic.

UNO acrylic displays

4. Tiggly Interactive Counter Display- We designed the all-acrylic Tiggly display below as an interactive counter display to promote the Tiggly brand and provide an interactive, educational experience for shoppers. The display featured a bright green acrylic base with a 2-sided acrylic panel that was mounted on the base. We added front, back, and side digitally printed graphics, interactive push buttons, and an embedded digital media player.

Tiggly acrylic displays

5. ChargeAll Acrylic Charging Station- The ChargeAll unit shown below is another example of an all-acrylic display. It was built to charge up to 4 phones and an iPad. We used matte black acrylic for the main structure and added translucent green acrylic for the base, shelves and logo. We incorporated LED lighting which illuminated the logo and the base.

Chargeall acrylic displays

6. Le Mini Macaron- The acrylic cosmetic counter display shown below is courtesy of our manufacturing partner in China. It is constructed of a single material: white cast acrylic. We are showing it, in part, to illustrate how acrylic works well for displays that require relatively thin dividers or compartments. The dividers in the display shown below have thin gluing surfaces, but the right glue provides a strong chemical bond with the acrylic material and offers a fairly elegant solution. Graphics on a display like this can be screen printed, direct printed on a flatbed printer or digitally printed on vinyl and then applied.

le mini macaron acrylic displays

 7. Jam Counter Display- One other example from our manufacturing partner in China is the Jam acrylic display shown below. This interactive, 2-tier display features interchangeable graphics, built-in play buttons, attached demo units with explanatory messaging, and a branded back panel.

Jam counter acrylic displays

 8. Blue Rhino Counter Display- We designed the display show below as a mixed material display for Blue Rhino licensed lighters. Relative to an all-acrylic display, we were able to hit a lower price point by using metal for the main structure and wire shelves and then PVC for the sides, back panel and header. We only used clear acrylic where it was essential- for the top to let light in and on the locking front cabinet door.

blue rhino acrylic displays

9. Appbot LINK Counter Display- We designed the countertop robot display out of a single piece of acrylic which was designed to be cut and v-grooved on our CNC machine and then heat bent to form the shape shown below. The display includes digitally printed vinyl graphics and a mounted demo product.

FIXIY acrylic displays

10. TravisMathew’s Tabletop Sign- We designed the sign stand shown below using black acrylic for the base, white acrylic for the removable back panel, and clear acrylic for the sleeve that holds an interchangeable graphic. The use of acrylic gives this display a high-end look. It is simple but effective in helping to build the TravisMathew brand.

TRM ACR acrylic displays

That completes our 3-part series on acrylic displays. We hope you found some inspiration within the 30 examples we shared that will be helpful on your next acrylic display project.

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