Acrylic Displays- 30 Examples of Effective Merchandising- Part II

Welcome to Part II of our blog series on acrylic display stands. Our objective for this series is simply to provide lots of examples of how acrylic displays can be used to create effective point-of-purchase merchandisers that drive product sales. The examples in this series include both all-acrylic displays as well as POP displays that use acrylic as an accent material. In addition, we are trying to show examples of displays that are generally simple, practical, and affordable for a broad range of products and industries rather than showcasing a more limited number of displays that we would consider entering in a design contest. If you missed Part I of this series, we would encourage you to check it out here since in that post we shared the first 10 examples of acrylic displays. In today’s post we’ll share the next 10 examples.

1. TP-Link Counter Display- We designed and manufactured the 2-sided counter glorifier display shown below for TP-Link’s WI-FI networking devices. The primary material used in this display is actually carbonized, edge grain bamboo plywood, but we wanted to share this display idea as an example of how white acrylic can be used as an effective accent material.  We used out CNC machine to router the bamboo so that the white acrylic could be inlaid into the bamboo. Not only does it provide a visually interesting contrast to the bamboo, but it provides a clean-looking surface to display the product.

Tp-link acrylic displays

2. Swiss Mobility Slatwall Display- The slatwall display shown below is another example of how acrylic can be used as an accent piece to create visual interest. In this case, we started with a PVC graphic in which we cut slots for slatwall hooks and added rear slatwall mounting brackets. To make the display more eye-catching, we added a large piece of translucent red acrylic which provided a way to highlight the Swiss Mobility brand while also allowing the background graphic to be visible. To keep things simple, we used aluminum stand-offs to mount the acrylic panel.

swiss acrylic displays

3. Voice Caddie Counter Display- The Voice Caddie Portable Launch Monitor display shown below is about as simple as it gets. Nothing fancy here. We fabricated this display out of white acrylic which we cut out on our CNC and then heat bent it in the shape of the stand. Graphics for a retail display like this can be screen printed or direct printed on a flatbed printer. We mounted the product using silicone. We could have made the same display using sintra (PVC), but acrylic gave it a bit more of an upscale look.

Voice Caddie acrylic displays

4. TheraBreath Inline Display- The 2-tiered inline acrylic display shown below highlights one of the main benefits of acrylic which is that it is extremely clear and therefore provides great product visibility. We installed shelf pushers in the acrylic bins to push the product forward. The pushers can easily be glue or fastened in another way to the acrylic.

walgreens acrylic displays

5. Vima Floor Display- We designed the floor display shown below to showcase Vima’s line of sports training eyewear. We include this example to make the point that acrylic can be a good material for locking case applications. It is much lighter than glass, which is a material we considered for this display. It also works well for interior shelves. One downside of acrylic is that it can scratch, but there are a number of scratch-resistant acrylic products on the market that can address this concern.

Vima acrylic displays

6. WD-40 Counter Demo- Clear acrylic is also a good solution for displays that incorporate product demonstrations. The unit below is one we built for WD-40 to demonstrate in a side-by-side comparison the higher viscosity of its grease relative to leading competitor products. Seeing is believing, and this demo unit is all that is needed to make customers believers. The demo involves placing a dab of WD-40 grease on one pad and a competitor’s grease on the other pad. The weighted tubes are then dropped on the pads to show how the lower viscosity grease produces more splatter on the clear acrylic compared to WD-40’s higher viscosity product.

Wd20 acrylic displays

7. Sun Bum Counter Display- The 2-tiered acrylic counter bin display is one that we created for Sun Bum’s lip balm product line. We share this display as an example of how acrylic can be ordered in custom colors. In this case, the yellow is a custom color with a PMS match. Custom colors typically have minimum order quantities. We combined the custom yellow acrylic with clear acrylic on the front shelf lips to provide product visibility. We screen printed the yellow acrylic to reinforce the Sun Bum brand and also used a clear acrylic sleeve for a slide-in graphic in the front. Acrylic can also accommodate embedded magnets which we used to attach these 3 bins together.

sunbum  acrylic displays

8. Fenix Flashlight Glorifier- The flashlight glorifier stand below is another example of combining acrylic materials. We used glossy black acrylic for the base with screen-printed logo graphics, a white back panel, and clear mounted acrylic stands to make the flashlights look like they are floating.

Fenix Counter acrylic displays

9. Blowfish Acrylic Logo Block- Logo blocks are a great application for acrylic. The Blowfish logo block shown below is just one example of the many types of logo blocks that can be seen at retail. For the example below, we used second surface printing in which we printed on the back side of the logo block, but many logo blocks are also printed on the front side. It’s just a matter of the look you are trying to achieve. Another approach is to slice the logo block in half, insert a printed logo, and then glue the two halves together. With proper polishing there will be no visible seam, and the logo will look like it is floating.

BLOWFISH acrylic displays

10. Rowdy Gentleman Logo Block- Our final example today is another logo block. But, this time we are showing another example of how acrylic can be used as an accent as opposed to an all-acrylic logo block like the previous example. We made the Rowdy Gentleman logo block out of stained solid wood. We affixed a piece of white acrylic to both sides on which we screen printed the image you see below. We like the look of combined materials, particularly when trying to achieve a more interesting, higher-end look.

Be sure to check out Part III of this blog series in which we will share the final 10 acrylic display examples.

RDY acrylic displays
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