A Sunglass Display That Caught the Attention of Shaquille O’Neal and 19 Other Sunglass Display Ideas- Part II

In our last blogpost, we shared 10 ideas for sunglass displays, including a RICH LTD. stock sunglass display that caught the attention of Shaquille O’Neal at the Consumer Electronics Show last month. If you missed it, you can see our first 10 sunglass display ideas here. And, if you missed our post before that entitled “Sunglass Display- 10 Merchandising Rules of the Road,” you can check it out here.
Today we’ll review 10 more ideas for sunglass displays so you’ll have 20 solid ideas for sunglass displays that should provide a portfolio of inspiration for your next sunglass display project. Keep in mind that the merchandising best practices and sunglass display examples we are sharing can not only be used for sunglass displays but also for any type of eyewear. And remember, when it comes to consumer buying behavior, perceived value is important so investing in a nice display goes a long way in convincing shoppers that your glasses are high quality.

So, let’s get right to our 10 examples. Our first example is a countertop display that features a cool combination of merchandising elements. The display is constructed of black acrylic but also could be made of PVC. It includes a series of tiered merchandising risers, a clear curved acyrlic cover with an imprinted logo, a pull-out storage drawer with a screen printed logo, and an acrylic header that can accommodate two pairs of sunglasses.

EYE Sunglass display

Our second example is a very simple and cost effective sunglass counter display that holds 6 glasses made for Columbia Sportswear. It is constructed out of a solid wood block which has a one-color screen printed logo. The back panel is a digitally printed piece of PVC with holes cut on our CNC machine.

LAM Sunglass display

We designed a glorifier version of this display for Hooties, which is shown below. We started with a solid wood block to which we added an angled front, a channel to hold the back panel, and screen printed graphics. We used digitally printed PVC for the back panel and incorporated 3 clear acrylic sunglass shelves, an offset branded logo header, and a top mirror.

REN Sunglass display

Fourth, we had an opportunity to design a wing panel display for Hooties. The display could be used for sunglasses or readers. We utilized a wire wing panel structure that uses metal brackets to mount to a gondola.  We used hooks to hang boxed products on the right and color-coded glorifier panels on the left which were digitally printed on PVC. The glorifier panels could be used to categorize sunglass styles, or in the case of readers, they could be used to indicate the power of the readers. We added a PVC header with a mirror to help promote the Hooties brand.

PDO Sunglass display

Our 5th example is a wild one. We created a 3-sided, spinning multi-product merchandiser to display sunglasses, caps, and hanging products. This modular design could easily be converted to an all-sunglass display by substituting sunglass panels for wire grids, hooks and cap pockets. This display is a good example of how a display can be used to cross merchandise related products.
It also illustrates the benefits of modularity since the panels could be easily changed out seasonally to rotate product or take advantage of promotional opportunities. We designed a hexagonal MDF base with screen printed graphics and sheet metal accents. We used wood and sheet metal accents in the middle and on the header and utilized black metal poles and wire grids, wire sunglass holders, metal hooks, and wire cap pockets. We also included die-cut header graphics and 3 mirrors.

RD Sunglass display

Our 6th example is a countertop sunglass display for Converse. This 4-sided, spinning display was designed to hold 24 pairs of sunglasses and was built on a branded MDF base with a 0.5” powder coated tube frame, an anodized aluminum center panel structure with screw-in nosepieces, and mirrors on 2 sides with screen printed logos.

REM Sunglass display

Seventh, we designed this locking sunglass floor display for O’Neill. The display incorporated an inner tube structure which was covered by a sheet metal exterior. We built in a locking lower storage cabinet, adjustable glass shelves, a side logo, a backlit header logo, puck lighting, and a locking clear main cabinet door.

O'neill Case Sunglass display

Our 8th example shown below is one we design as a high capacity sunglass display for Dollar Tree stores. This 4-sided spinning display held 144 glasses and incorporated an MDF base, extruded plastic frame posts, laser-cut PVC slide-in panels, wire sunglass holders, a matching MDF top and angled mirrors on 4 sides.

Dollar tree Sunglass display

Our next example is a cost-effective counter display we designed for NYS. This 2-sided spinning counter display holds 60 glasses and features an MDF base with a bearing, extruded plastic sides that can accommodate an optional mirror or graphic panels, a center PVC pegboard panel, wire sunglass grids, and digitally printed PVC header signs on 2 sides.

NYS Sunglass display

Our final example is a 2-sided floor display we designed for Old Navy. We built this display out of MDF which we curved at the top to create design interest. We clear coated he MDF and incorporated a white PVC center panel to make the glasses pop. One of the more unique features of this display is the way the sunglasses are displayed. We used horizontal metal rods to hang the glasses. We also included generous glass side mirrors and a 2-sided PVC header sign.

OLD NAVY Sunglass display
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