A Sunglass Display That Caught the Attention of Shaquille O’Neal and 19 Other Sunglass Display Ideas- Part I

After a brutal winter of temperatures that plummeted into the 60s and brought a few gentle showers, we here in San Diego are ready for spring. Among other things, spring means sunglass season so we are excited to continue sharing our thoughts about merchandising in this essential fashion accessory category. In our last blogpost, we outlined 10 best practices for designing and merchandising a sunglass display. If you missed our post, you can check it out here.
In today’s post, we’ll share 10 sunglass display ideas which we hope will serve as inspiration for your next POP eyewear display project. In our next blogpost, we’ll share 10 more examples of sunglass displays.

Our first example is a simple counter sunglass display that caught the attention of Shaquille O’Neal at the Consumer Electronics Show last month. With 2.5 million square feet of exhibit space and 180,000 attendees, CES is a zoo, and catching anyone’s attention is a challenge. So, as you might imagine, we were happy to see that one of our simple stock counter displays, our SU-12XY, caught the eye of one of the biggest celebrities at the show- Shaquille O’Neal. Our simple sheet metal display did its job and got Shaq to stop and check out our customer’s sunglasses.  Our SU-12XY is shown to the right of Shaq in the picture below.


Here’s a better look at the display that got Shaq’s attention.

SU 12X Sunglass display

Our second example is another countertop display that we designed for Cocoons. It features an MDF base, a PVC graphic back panel, an anodized aluminum support with metal nosepieces, a mirror and brochure holder. This display does a good job of presenting the glasses and reinforcing the brand.

Cacoons Sunglass display

Our third example is a “slim wing” we designed for Envision Sales to merchandise their line of specialized shooting glasses. This display offers sturdy wood construction, clear injection molded plastic nose pieces, a side mirror, header/side graphics, and rear mounting brackets.

hoven Sunglass display

Fourth, we designed the 4-sided spinning sunglass display shown below which holds 144 glasses and features locking castors, a bottom storage area, full length mirrors on 4 sides, and interchangeable header graphics. What makes this unit different from many other units is the security system. The glasses can be locked on the vertical pole without having to be put into a secure glass case. The advantage is that customers can still touch and feel the glasses without being able to steal them.

BIG5 Sunglass display

Our fifth example is a spinning floor display we designed for Rue21 to hold 120 glasses. We utilized a table base and created a plastic frame with extruded sides, a bright yellow plastic backdrop which we laser cut to accommodate the ear pieces of the sunglasses, a wire grid system to hold the glasses, side mirrors, and a well-branded 2-sided PVC header sign.

Rue 21 Sunglass display

Our sixth example is a spinning solid wood floor display that we designed for ICU Eyewear. The display holds 64 glasses, is very economical, offers a natural vibe, and includes an interchangeable 2-sided header sign.

ICU SU60 Sunglass display

Seventh, we designed the locking glass case below for Hoven. The display included a combination of adjustable shelves and a system of rods and nosepieces to display the glasses above the shelves. The branded locking base provided ample storage and the header signs on 4 sides helped to make a strong branding statement.

HVN Sunglass display

Our eighth example shown below is a podium-style spinning floor display that merchandises 12 glasses per side for a total of 48 glasses. The bottom portion of the display is simply a branded MDF podium. The top half was also constructed of MDF. We used a white melamine finish to help make the glasses stand out. We also utilized wire holders to display the glasses and included 4 interchangeable header graphics to promote the brand.

mcgee Sunglass display

Ninth, we designed the super cost-effective reader counter display shown below for Clic. We kept the cost down by using a simple wire structure to hold 9 pairs of reading glasses and dressed it up with base, side, and header graphics.

CLIC Sunglass display

Our final example today is a floor display for Clic readers that has a lot of similarities to the counter display.  The design features a simple MDF base with a maple melamine finish, a metal tube structure, wire reader holders, 3 glorifier graphics, a mirror, and a header. It’s a simple display, but it does a good job of showcasing Clic’s readers.

CLIC Sunglass display

In our next blogpost, we will take a look at 10 more examples of sunglass and eyewear displays.

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