A Sneak Peek at Our 2016 New Stock Retail Floor Displays

Every year around this time we complete our catalog for the upcoming year. We just finished our 2016 catalog and are in the process of printing it now. We’ll send it out to thousands of customers and prospects in January as a way to kick off the New Year. Our catalog generally features some of our custom work and then shows all of our stock point of purchase displays. For our 2016 catalog, we made a special effort to highlight some of our capabilities, particularly our domestic in-house millwork and production capabilities. Our 2016 catalog is available for immediate download here. Alternatively, you can download the catalog from our website at www.richltd.com and check out the updates and changes we have made for 2016. In today’s blog we’ll highlight a few of our new retail floor displays.

In the popular category of grid displays, as many of you know we have offered the UMF-24 mobile grid display for years.


It’s a great display which can accommodate hooks, shelves, baskets, side panels, side signs, header signs, and a variety of other displays accessories. We are keeping the UMF-24 in our stock line, but what’s new for 2016 is a taller and narrower grid display called the GRID-66FL.

The GRID-66FL measures 18”W x 22”D x 66”H and is constructed using a sheet metal base on casters, metal tube frame with 2 slatgrid panels, a center PVC panel, and a sign holder. The unit comes in black and can accommodate grid hooks or slatwall hooks as well as a variety of accessories. The center panel can be custom printed, and a header sign can be added for promoting a brand. We added side frame holes for customers who wish to add side signs or side grids. The GRID-66FL sells for $135.95 and is a highly versatile floor display. The picture below shows the unit loaded with product and outfitted with side and header signs.

Grid-64fl Rewtail display for socks

For 2016 we also added a series for wood sunglass displays that we make in our in-house millwork shop in the good old USA. All of these new wood sunglass displays are intended to appeal to customers with tight budgets who are looking for a natural/organic type of display. The SU-WOOD96 shown below is a 2-sided spinning display that holds 96 sunglasses and is constructed of solid pine wood and frame with metal sunglass holders, a white PVC center panel which makes the glasses pop, and 2 header mirrors.

SU-WOOD-96 Pine wood sunglass retail display

Customers who prefer a darker stained wood look can opt for the stained version shown below.

SU-WOOD-96 Custom retail sunglass display

We are also offering a slightly smaller version of the displays shown above called the SU-WOOD72. The display features the same basic design with natural wood construction and holds 72 sunglasses. Like the SU-WOOD96, the SU-WOOD72 is available in clear coated pine or a stained finish.


For a higher capacity natural wood spinning sunglass merchandiser we are now offering the SU-WOOD108. This display has a similar look and feel to the sunglass units shown below, but it includes holes that we cut on our CNC machine for the sunglass ear pieces. The signature feature of the SU-WOOD108 is its tool-less assembly which is made possible by out slip-fit technology. Check it out below.

SU-WOOD108 Birch retail sunglass display

Although this blog is technically about our new stock retail floor displays, we should mention that we also are introducing a new 36-count spinning wood sunglass counter display that is part of the family of our natural wood sunglass displays. It’s called the SU-WOOD36, and you can see a preview below.


The final example of a new item you’ll see in our 2016 catalog is our line of anti-fatigue mats. These mats are awesome and perfect for behind the counter. They are made by Standee Co. and are available for purchase through RICH LTD. The Standee anti-fatigue mats come in 2 sizes- 30”x20”x7/8” and 70”x24”x3/4”. The mats have beveled edges and anti-slip backs. They are super comfortable and make it easy to stand all day.


 These are just some of the new items to look for in our 2016 catalog. Be sure to check out the full catalog so you will be ready for a successful year in retail for 2016.

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