A Sneak Peak at One of Our Latest Custom Apparel Displays

We’ve designed and manufactured dozens and dozens of point-of-purchase apparel displays over the years. For us, it’s like fashion: it never gets old. There are so many well established brands and many more emerging brands in the apparel industry, each of which has a unique voice that needs to be incorporated into a POP display or store fixture. Since this week is the Magic Show in Las Vegas, we felt compelled to share one of our most recent custom apparel displays. We’ll show you 4 concepts we developed and then the final production version.

Our assignment was to create a high-impact, freestanding, 1-sided mobile floor display for Louis Garneau’s line of footwear. We have designed other displays for Louis Garneau so we had a pretty good feel for the brand. The 2 examples below show how we were able to customize some of our stock displays in the past to create a sunglass display and an apparel display. On these past projects we were naturally a bit limited by the range and types of stock displays we could customize, but our past work gave us somewhat of a leg up on our understanding of the brand, which we were able to leverage on our most recent project.


For the footwear display, our first 2 concepts (Concept 1A and 1B) were very similar. Both designs featured an MDF base on locking castors with silk screened branding, black laminated MDF side panels with vertical branding, an MDF center divider with different branding variations, 2 branded shoe shelves with direct-printed backdrop graphics, left and right storage areas for boxed footwear, a heat-bent acrylic top with screen printed graphics, and a full-size lifestyle graphic on the back side of the unit (not shown in the renders below). As you can see, both of these concepts met the important test of designing a display that was well branded.

Garneau Apparel Displays

                                        Concept 1A                                                                         Concept 1B

Our second concept was a slightly sleeker version of the concepts shown above. It featured a white MDF base with white trim and locking castors. The second concept utilized a metal tube frame powder coated white with side and front digitally printed PVC graphics. Like the first concepts, this version included 2 branded shoe shelves against a graphic backdrop panel and provided space for stacked boxes. In addition to the banner header, this concept also included a branded heat-bent acrylic topper, but it was significantly smaller than the full-sized topper we designed for Concepts 1A and 1B.

Garneau Concept 3 Apparel Displays

Concept 2

Our third concept shown below was similar to Concepts 1A and 1B. The primary differences between Concept 3 and Concept 1B are the wrap-around header as well as the different colors used in the graphics.

Garneau Concept 3 Apparel Displays

Concept 3

So with the 4 concepts shown and described above, which would you pick?
Our customer did not pick any of them. Instead, they asked to modify Concept 1A. They requested that we us convert the center graphic column into a shoe shelf column with 2 additional shoe shelves and a shoe sizing chart incorporated into the upper portion of the column. The final production unit is shown below. The design development process was important in refining our customer’s thinking and ultimately ending up with a POP display that we think will sell a lot of footwear.

LG Garneau Apparel Displays - Shoes and Accessories Bicycle Products

Production Unit

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