A POP Retail Display for a $1000 Bottle of Perfume

If you have a high-end product and are looking to create a POP retail display to go on the counter, on a shelf, or in a display case, you might want to consider creating a custom display box to showcase your product. In some cases, these display boxes can also function as the product packaging. In other cases, the display box can simply be used as a merchandising vehicle, and the product can be sold or shipped in its own box. In today’s blog, we’ll share some details about a high-end display box we created for a perfume brand House of Sillage that retails or $1000 a bottle.

luxury perfume gift box tiara by house of sillage retail display pop display

Our customer for the high-end display box was House of Sillage. Our customer was looking for a premium box that could not only be used to merchandise it luxury brand of perfume but also could serve as the permanent packaging for the bottle. Our customer wanted a box that created a premium image that could help the consumer justify a very high price point for a bottle of perfume. At the same time, our customer wanted to ensure that the box was reasonably affordable since the cost of the box would have to be absorbed completely by each bottle of perfume.

Box POP Retail Display

The box we created was constructed of MDF with a high gloss white polyurethane finish (PU coated).  A nice PU coat looks premium, but it is fairly labor intensive since getting the right finish often requires 6-8 coats. The inside of the box featured a felt-lined product insert that was designed to hold the perfume bottle and a screened printed cloth top.

Sillage inside POP Retail Display

The front of the box was designed to fold down, and the top of the box was hinged at the rear. The box was placed in the open position within a glass case for optimal merchandising effect.

Sillage POP Retail Display

We screen printed the brand’s logo on top of the box to promote the brand and reinforce the  premium look.

Sillage Top POP Retail Display

We added a Swarovski crystal to the latch to help create the upscale image. With each sale, the box was place in a luxurious cloth bag with a drawstring.

Sillage Box jewel POP Retail Display

The perfume box worked well for both merchandising and for product packaging. You can see how this concept could be easily adapted for other products or POP display purposes.

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