A Look at Our Latest Custom Hat Display

We get a lot of requests to design custom hat display. We have a full line of ready-to-ship stock headwear displays, but those are generally designed to hold caps rather than “hats.” If you sell caps you should check them out since we have both floor and counter 1-sided and 2-sided displays at very affordable prices. In today’s blog, we wanted to share a recent example of a custom wood hat display that evolved over 3 iterations into what we think will be a very effective hat merchandiser at retail.

Our customer Peter Grimm challenged us to design and build a well branded hat “crate” display. They were looking for something more upscale and distinctive than the typical wire racks they use for merchandising most of their headwear products. In addition to promoting the Peter Grimm brand, they wanted a display that would really stand out at retail and communicate more of an upscale image. In addition, they wanted the display to be able to fit into a variety of retail settings- from independent surf shops to Home Depot.
We created the 3-tier wood crate display shown below.

Peter Grimm Custom Designed  Hat Display

We cosntructed this display out of solid pine and added a stained finish to achieve a darker, richer look. The body of the display was designed to resemble a crate, and we added castors to the base to make it easy to move around. The display included 3 solid wood shelves, each of which had a vertical center dowel that was used to prevent the hats from falling off the shelf. We made the header removable for shipping, but we designed it to be secured by screws to ensure that it would remain a permanent part of the display.

To help make the display more upscale, we added framed mirrors on both sides of the display. We also created holes in the sides that could accommodate wire hat holders so higher capacity stores could add more inventory. Finally, we added several different versions of silk screened logos on the base, the mirrors, and the front and back of the header sign to help build the Peter Grimm brand.

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