A Look at 10 Compelling Countertop Custom POP Displays

In our last blog we looked at 4 key factors to consider in making a custom POP display compelling for the countertop. We reviewed the importance of having a small footprint, designing a display that is functional and versatile, ensuring that the display is eye-catching and will stand out from the crowd, and thinking through how to make the display easily serviceable. We included a few examples to support our point of view. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at 10 very different custom countertop POP displays that we think are compelling. Rather than make additional arguments for what makes a display compelling, our primary objective for this blog is just to share a small sliver of our work and provide inspiration for your next custom POP display project.

The first example shown below is a very simple custom counter display we designed for Maroma’s line of premium stick incense. We used pre-finished birch material and silver wire dividers to create a simple but elegant and affordable countertop display that put the focus on our customer’s colorful packaging. Our 2-tiered design allowed for 10 SKUs, and the oval front sign reinforced the brand while keeping the display low profile by eliminating the need for a tall header.

Rich LTD Housewares Custom POP Display

Second, we designed the interactive headphone countertop POP display for Erikson Consumer around the “Me. My Music” branding theme. This display was constructed of black MDF and included vinyl graphics. It provided a mechanism to hang headphones and made it easy for consumers to test the product using a simple push and play mechanism.

ERIKSON Consumer Custom POP Display - Table Top

Our third example is from the food and beverage category. We designed this Crunk energy drink display for the convenience store market. Our wire serpentine dispensing rack was designed for any self-service grab-n-go retail environment. Its strong branding and cost-effective construction made this display work for our customer.

Crunk Energy Drink Custom POP Display

Fourth, we designed a countertop POP display for ENI Puzzles to merchandise its unique puzzle product. Not only did this 3-shelf acrylic display fit a lot of product into a small footprint, but it incorporated educational signage and a very cost-effective digital media player that was designed to highlight the possibilities of our customer’s create-your-own puzzle product.

ENI Puzzle Custom POP Display - Table Top

Fifth, we designed the countertop jewelry display for Staxx. Constructed of clear acrylic with MDF shelves and dividers, this display features 8 product sets with additional product back stock along with front and side branding.

Staxx Jewelry Custom POP Display

Our sixth example is from the pet products industry. This simple, understated 3-shelf counter display is constructed of OSB board to create a natural feeling. The display was designed to carry 4 product SKUs. We included a side acrylic brochure holder and branded shelf and header graphics.

Innovacyn Wood Shelf Counter top Custom POP Displays

Our seventh example is the Propet countertop footwear display which we designed as more of a product glorifier. We deliberately created a low profile display and utilized vacuum formed construction for a clean look. We added a branded vinyl sticker in front, a removable digitally printed PVC header, and a side wire brochure holder.

PROPET Countertop Custom POP Displays

Eighth on the list is the unique MDF and acrylic watch case display we designed below for Flud watches. This display definitely meets the eye-catching criteria we described by virtue of its unique shape. Rather than make this a locking case, we left the back open so it can be serviced by a store clerk from the rear. We included 4 shelves, custom trim, and a die-cut branded header sign.

Flud Watches Locking Case Custom POP Displays

Our ninth example comes from the publishing arena and is a display we designed for Lonely Planet. This countertop spinner is simple but functional and effective. We utilized an MDF base with a wood melamine finish, a center metal pole, wire pockets and a circular PVC-branded graphic to promote the Lonely Planet brand.

Lonely Planet Spinning Countertop Custom POP Displays

Our final example today is a countertop display we designed for Switch & Co’s line of belt buckles. We created this as a 1-sided display with a black acrylic base and body. This type of display could easily become a 2-sided display by enlarging the base on the back side. We included 16 plastic hooks, base branding and an acrylic framed header sign designed to quickly communicate the essence of the product to the consumer. This is one of our many countertop display cases available at Rich LTD.

Switch & Co Custom POP Displays
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