A Close-up Look at Our Most Versatile Display


Store Fixture Line

We’ve spent a lot of time writing about many of the custom POP displays we have designed and manufactured, our experience making wood displays in our millwork shop, and what we have learned about manufacturing store fixtures overseas. Today we would like to highlight one fixture in our line of stock point of purchase displays. If we could give an award for the most versatile display in our stock line, this display would be an obvious choice. We are talking about our SFL unit.

“SFL” stands for “Store Fixture Line.” While the name is unassuming, this line of retail fixtures offers incredible versatility in addition to being durable, economical, and highly configurable. The SFL is actually not a single fixture but rather a series of fixtures that can be constructed in a variety of ways to meet the needs of customers looking for a single floor display or those looking for a solution to outfit an entire store.

The main “building block” of the SFL line is a simple metal tube frame on castors with a removable MDF panel. From that basic component we are able to offer an entire line of displays that can be configured in multiple ways and can accommodate a wide range of accessories.

The simplest unit in the SFL line is our T-Sided unit which utilizes 2 frame components put together in a ‘T” shape. Another option is to add a third frame and configure it in an “H” shape, which we have cleverly named our “HRACK”. The HRACK is a 4-sided fixture with 4 fully merchandisable panels. With the addition of a fourth panel, you can create an “SFL-Pinwheel” fixture, which is a space efficient and highly popular 4-sided display. Finally, configured in a different way, 4 panels can also create an SFL-Gondola, which at 48” long, provides a high capacity unit with significant presence at retail.


In addition to the multiple configuration options, the SFL line comes with numerous accessory options. Any of the SFL units can be configured with a hanging apparel bar, 24” adjustable shelves, a triple cap pocket merchandiser that holds up to 18 caps, and an HBAR that can be used with a waterfall arm, straight-out, or custom single-peg hook. The SFL-GONDOLA can also be outfitted with an adjustable 48” shelf or a 48” top deck. Any of the units can accommodate a metal sign holder or a metal/acrylic sign holder, both of which can handle interchangeable signs.

Our SFL units can be further customized by changing out the maple panels with MDF panels using a different laminate, perforated sheet metal panels, MDF pegboard panels, or custom graphic panels. Furthermore, the silver powdered coated frames can be custom made in any color.

Many of our customers have customized our SFL fixtures with unique signs and custom accessories that complement the accessories we offer as stock items. Some of the pictures below are just a few customization examples.


Finally, not only is the SFL line versatile by virtue of its configurability and the ease with which the units can be customized, but these units can be made to fit in almost any retail setting- from boutique shops to mass market retail environments. Similarly, the SFL line can work for a wide range of products across many different industries, including apparel, sporting goods, health and beauty products, food and beverage items, electronics, novelties, and a many other items.

Our SFL line is timeliness , extraordinarily functional, and our top choice among numerous versatile displays we offer.

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