8 Creative Sunglass Counter Displays We Designed for Arnette

RICH LTD. had an opportunity to design some sunglass counter displays for Arnette in connection with the brand’s re-launch. We wanted to share our work as a way of inspiring creative design work in the sunglass display category. Our objective was to create some fun displays that would appeal to 15-25 year olds. The displays were to be authentic, creative, as well as a bit irreverent. Most importantly, they had to communicate the new Arnette brand image.

Here are 8 of our designs:

 1. Our first design was a 3-piece series that featured a center sunglass glorifier constructed of formed OSB board with a branded metal plate, an acrylic tube tower to hold 3 sunglasses, and branded nose piece holders. Flanking the main center structure on the left was a single sunglass glorifier on a CNC-cut wood base with black painted surface, a short acrylic tube, and a branded nose piece holder. We added a free standing logo block made of clear acrylic with an Arnette silk screened logo to the right of the center structure to complete this display series.


2. Our second design also featured a 3-part series. We designed an OSB board logo block on a clear acrylic base on the left with a screen printed logo on a clear acrylic panel. In the center we added a single sunglass glorifier made similar to the logo block design on the left but with an added OSB board base. On the right we designed a taller glorifier in the same style to hold 3 sunglasses.


3. Our third design continued with the same 3-piece theme, but instead of OSB board we used gray painted MDF for the structures. In the center we designed a single sunglass glorifier with an MDF base, silk screened acrylic branded back panel and a clear acrylic base mount with standoffs. We added a small MDF and screen printed acrylic logo block on the left and a similar but taller brand glorifier on the right.


4.Our fourth design was a 3-shelf locking glass case with LED down lighting, back panel graphics, header and base graphics, and die-cut dimensional logo letters overlaid on the top header graphic.


5.Our fifth design was a glorifier to hold 3 sunglasses. The glorifier included a curved MDF base with a natural wood finish and a 1-color silk screened Arnette logo, a metal frame, branded nose piece holders and rear screen printed metal accents.


6. Our sixth design was a variation of the above design. We modified the basic design to become a single sunglass glorifier.


7. Our seventh design was a spinning 4-shelf locking glass case with a yellow powder coated metal frame, laser-cut metal Arnette logo, 3 glass shelves and blue powder coated case bottom and base bottom.


8. Our eighth design was a 4-shelf locking glass case with a metal tube and sheet metal structure and 3 glass shelves. The case incorporated the Arnette logo as a silk screened feature toward the top of the display and also as a laser-cut sheet metal design element. The spinning glass case sat on a piece of solid wood which was attached to the a metal tube structure that was connected to real skate board wheels.


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