6 Inspiring Sunglass Display Cases We Designed for Luxotica

Luxotica asked us to create a number of sunglass floor display designs for their Arnette brand in conjunction with a re-launch of the brand. The objective was to create some fun displays that would appeal to 15-25 year olds. The eyeglass display cases were to be authentic, creative as well as a bit irreverent. Most importantly, they had to communicate the new Arnette brand image. Below are 6 examples of our creative team at work, representing our effort to meet the Luxotica’s challenge.

1. Freestyle X- Sunglass display case. Inspired by X-Games and the world of action sports. This mobile  floor display has the advantage of literally “breaking away from the pack” by taking retail space anywhere within the store. It also can be wheeled outside. The OSB board utilized on the base and top are used in skateboard ramp construction. Also featured are skateboard trucks/wheels and BMX handlebars.


Other key features include:

▪ Brushed aluminum die-cut logos

▪ Basket area for found objects. Easily customizable by sales reps.

▪ Sturdy steel frame with interchangeable graphics

▪ Side mounted “rear-view mirrors”

▪ Completely customizable wheels

▪ Locking door for storage

▪ Lights mounted in top section

▪ Clear acrylic shelves for displaying sunglasses

▪ Top mounted logos create the look of stabilizer wings.

2. Arnette Art- Inspired by unbridled freedom, creative expression, imagination,  personal empowerment, and downright fun, this giant spray paint can was designed to communicate the soul of the Arnette brand.


By combining an element of surprise with the familiar practice of using spray paint to personalize decks and boards, our objective was to create an unmistakable identity for Arnette’s retail fixture line. The interior Lava Lamp is designed to stop traffic, create intrigue, and reinforce the theme of creativity.

Key features include:

▪ Double-sided locking case with curved acrylic door and interior lights

▪ Screen printed graphics on interior and exterior of unit

▪ Clear acrylic shelves for displaying sunglasses

▪ Lava lamp attached at the center inside

▪ Storage compartment in the base.

3. Street Scene- Inspired by raw architectural elements found anywhere from yourparents’ garage to a construction site downtown. This design reflects rebellious and artistic cultures that bring the fun into life. With graphic elements adapted from the edgy aspects of action sports, this display is intended to capture the imagination of Arnette’s target customer.


Key features include:

▪ Interior and exterior steel casing wrapped in vinyl graphics

▪ Top lit with an industrial-cased bulb

▪ Clear acrylic shelves for displaying sunglasses

▪ Interchangeable graphic back panels

▪ Built-in vertical sunglass holder.


Crooked Grind- Sunglass display case. Inspired by urban environments and skate parks, the Crooked Grind refers to a popular trick performed by skateboard enthusiasts. The interior of the display reflects the culture as a playground of found objects, tricks, graphic art, and ingenuity. The skateboard shelves reflect the sport that bridges the gap between surf and snow, while the interactive gears represent the youth culture’s use of the environment as a tool and canvas.

Key features include:

▪ Locking glass or acrylic case

▪ Raw materials and “Found Object” feel

▪ Skateboard deck plate shelving

▪ Interactive gear shelving for customer viewing of glasses 360 degrees

▪ Branded “Arnette” mirror with chains and skate trucks.

Wall Kilmer- Inspired by “Street as an Environment of Expression and Creativity.”This sunglass floor display combines street elements like pipes, brick walls with graffiti art and concrete surfaces in their natural finishes, thereby creating a street scene inside the store. Unintentional and random layout of these elements creates an unconventional and unexpected synergy, reflecting the street culture that serves as the initial inspiration for this concept.


Key features include:

▪ Independent, locking wood boxes with interior lights, attached with chains

▪ “Brick Wall with Graffiti” – Continuous graphic with hidden “Arnette” logos,wrapping every side of the wall

▪ “Wood Crate” storage units at the base

▪ Seasonal graphic frames attached with chains

▪ Unfinished hardware items like chains, padlocks, pipes and hooks usedas system elements

▪ Concrete-textured base.

6. Fun Box- Inspired by carnivals and eating corn dogs. This POP display represents an escape to a place with no rules. The idea is to break the mold of conformity while having “fun.” The boxes are constructed of common materials found in your Dad’s garage or local hardware store. The construction consists of plywood, pressed OSB board, acrylic, PVC, and laminates.

Key features include:

▪ Independent locking wood compartments with lights

▪ Screen printed graphics on interior and exterior of boxes

▪ Clear acrylic shelves for displaying glasses

▪ Interchangeable two-sided graphic panel

▪ Branded arrow mirror with accent lights.

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