5 Ways to Design a Beautiful Display Rack

Is coffee a crucial element to great display design? Probably.

1) Get out of the way of the product.

This is the first rule of designing beautiful display racks– and perhaps the most difficult for designers. After all, it isn’t about the display. It’s about how the product looks on the display. A couple of tactics help us to ensure our funky POP stands don’t overshadow the products. First, we often won’t start on a design until we receive sample products from our clients. Not only does this help us get a true feel and measurement of the products, but we get to sample them as well, which is a nice perk. If we can’t get a hold of your products, or there isn’t enough time (which there often isn’t!) we’ll virtually model it in our design software Solidworks; this allows us to test our racks’ load bearing capabilities (if you are selling coffee mugs, or some other heavy product) and ensure we can get enough product on the display. Second, we’ll graphically model your products into our designs. This is not only a huge advantage for presenting display programs, but it also helps us to visualize the product on the display racks and ensures we keep your product where it belongs– front and center.

Champion Portable Generator Custom POP Display

2) Let your customer design the display.

No design meets customer expectations like their own vision functionally executed. Some of our most successful products have come from a customer’s napkin at a tradeshow. You supply the vision, we make sure it looks great and gets there in one piece. Our experience with display racks allows us to ensure your display uses the most cost effective, durable, and eye-catching materials. We’ll also ensure that your Point-Of-Purchase (POP) display meets all the compliance standards for major or specialty retailers so your program goes off without a hitch.

9 Five Sunglass Custom Display Case

3) Look for inspiration in odd places.

Not that a shoe-shaped shoe display isn’t always a winner– but that the most eye-catching designs can often find their inspiration from unique places.

4) Keep it simple.

The biggest value in display racks is impactful displays that are highly reliable, durable, and simple. Of course there is the inherent beauty in simplicity, but there is also the more pragmatic concern of compliance and usability at the store level. Our products have to work for store owners and employees who’ve never seen a particular display rack before. They have to keep it well merchandised– and that means it has to arrive in once piece and stay in good condition in highly trafficked retail settings. No small task, but one that a simple display rack conceived intelligently can pull off. This is a real area of focus in our designs– non-compliance at the store level costs our customers on their bottom line, and we make it our responsibility to create not only beautiful custom display designs for our customers, but profitable ones as well.

Sony Gondola Custom POP Display

5) Coffee. Computers. And more coffee.

Caffeine/computer culture is big in the display rack industry and why not? Our 3D modeling and industry leading presentation capabilities don’t come without some long hours and the latest technology. Our designers use a variety of different software applications to create virtual 3D models and eye-popping presentations that can help you sell your display rack program. We’re also sure there are more computer monitors than employees in our corporate office– a symbol of our dedication to industry leading design.

Coffee Bean And Tea Custom POP Display

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