5 Large Footprint Custom POP Displays

Retailers have traditionally focused on maximizing sales per square foot. Over the last few years retailers have focused on improving the sales per square foot metric by moving toward smaller format stores and rationalizing capacity by shedding underperforming stores. Reducing the supply of available retail capacity (as measured by aggregate square feet) is in many respects the fastest and easiest way to way to boost sales per square foot. Once capacity (supply) is addressed, the only other lever available to retailers is stimulating demand, which is significantly harder to influence. Focusing on effective in-store merchandising is critically important in stimulating demand and maximizing sales.  In today’s blog, we’ll look at 5 examples of custom POP displays that we designed to stimulate demand and perform well based on sales per square foot metrics, despite the fact that all of them have relatively large footprints.

APC Leslies Retail POP Display

Our first example is a mobile island fixture we designed for Zodiac Pool Systems to merchandise their line of robotic pool sweepers and accessories in Leslie’s Pool Supply Stores. We created this fixture to be a high capacity, attention-grabbing “Pool Cleaner Solutions Center.” Relative to other POP displays and to the overall square footage of an average Leslie’s store, this large display case consumes a disproportionate amount of space. However, it was designed to be the “main attraction” and outperform lower impact merchandising approaches in which these products are placed on shelves in the periphery of the store.

Arden Retail POP Display

A second example is a large display case we designed for Arden to go into Club and warehouse stores. Our challenge was to create a pallet display that would maximize the sale of umbrellas. Since there was not enough real estate to show a full-sized umbrella, we created a mini display umbrella so the customer could quickly understand the product and assess product quality. We used metal tubing with decorative accents to create an attractive and efficient way to store the product and added header, front, and side graphics to promote the Arden brand.

HOMTEX DreamFit Retail POP Display

Our third example is a relatively large custom POP display case we designed for HomTex to merchandise its DREAMFIT line of sheet, pillows and bedding products. HomTex wanted a fixture that was large enough to be noticed while also having the capacity to carry a relatively broad selection of their bedding products. Bedding products are notoriously bulky so we needed to create enough shelf space to hold the required inventory. In addition, we designed the center section of this wood display to enable customers to see various color choices and to interact with the product. Finally, we added a healthy dose of graphics to the top and sides of the display to reinforce the DREAMFIT brand.

LACANTINA Lights Retail POP Display

Our 4th example is a full-sized patio door display we designed and built for LaCantina Doors. This large display case has a big footprint, but it also has a big impact. The best way to communicate the features, benefits, and points of differentiation of LaCantina doors was to create a full-sized display that enabled customers to try out the doors in a real-life setting. In addition to enabling customers to walk into the display, the fixture featured large header and side graphics.

ZODIAC Pool Equipment Reatil POP Display

Finally, we designed the pool equipment platform display shown below. The main objective of this display was simply to create a platform to showcase several different styles of pool equipment. We put the display on castors, incorporated astroturf and graphics, and created a second tier to add interest to the display. Like the other displays we have discussed, this display had a relatively large footprint, but it enabled customers to touch, feel, and interact with the products.

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