40 Made in the USA Displays that Will Make You Rethink Manufacturing Overseas- Part V

Welcome to the fifth and final installment of our 5-part blog series on Made in the USA displays. We started the series by outlining the primary forces at work underlying the trend toward reshoring and nearshoring, including growing lead times, rising costs of ocean freight and production, tariffs that appear to have become institutionalized, climate change, political uncertainty, and other factors. More recently, China’s government has implemented rolling blackouts which has cut factory production capacity and led to further price increases. If you missed any of the earlier posts in this series you can catch them here: Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV.

Today we will share our final 10 examples of displays we have made in the U.S. Let’s jump in.

  1. Ravage Wine Display– We designed and fabricated this gothic fireplace display for Constellation Brands’ Ravage Wine brand. We used MDF as the core construction material and added a matte black painted finish with laser-cut metal logo elements. The fireplace served as a centerpiece for stacked cases of wine, and the top shelf was used to display individual bottles of wine.
  1. Vuori Cash Wrap– Our goal in making the 14 ft. cash wrap shown below was to portray furniture-quality craftsmanship that would mirror the quality and craftsmanship of Vuori’s line of performance apparel. The cash wrap featured birch plywood and MDF construction with Post Form Designer White laminate and Solicore, a laser-cut acrylic logo, golden oak stained solid pine slats, and inside storage.
  1. Knesko Skin Cart– We built this branded rolling cart to bring Knesko Skin’s line of luxury, scientifically formulated collagen under-eye masks to resort patrons while they relax by the pool. The cart featured solid surface construction with direct printed UV-protected graphics. It included locking casters, a removable ice bin to keep the masks cold, locking inside storage, and a branded umbrella.
  1. Via Nature Counter Display– We designed this modular 2-tier solid bamboo display to merchandise Via Nature’s line of essential oils. Given its natural and sustainable properties, bamboo proved to be an excellent material choice. We created recessed holes for tester bottles, clear acrylic shelf fronts, black PVC dividers, metal shelf channels with printed shelf graphics, and a die-cut PVC header sign. Each module could be used independently or stacked to make a 2-tier display.
  1. goTenna Endcap Display– We created this end cap display for goTenna’s Mesh text and GPS Off-Grid communication device to support a national REI rollout. We used unfinished birch plywood as the core material to fit in with REI’s store aesthetic. We used sheet metal side panels with screen-printed messaging, and we incorporated shelves, slatwall hooks, PVC signs, and product glorifiers.
  1. Flex Watches– We designed the display shown below for Flex Watches. Designed to be featured on the popular TV show “The Profit,” this display was intended to promote the company’s line of 10 colorful watches, each of which supported a different charity with a 10% donation. We constructed the base of the unit using MDF with direct printed graphics. The upper portion was a locking acrylic case with interior shelves. In addition to the bright, colorful graphics, the “Time to Make a Difference” messaging helped to communicate the brand’s story.
  1. Amplifi Counter Display– Ubiquiti Networks asked us to create a counter display to showcase its Amplifi Home WI-FI Mesh Technology. We built the display using black PVC with direct printed graphics on the back panel. Since the slanted front panel graphics needed to be interchangeable, we used magnetic vinyl graphics. We built in live electrical outlets so the Amplifi devices could be plugged in and light up.
  1. Vessel Counter Display– Vessel was interested in a premium look to merchandise its line of vape pens. We designed the display shown below using stained birch plywood, MDF with a white melamine finish, and a clear acrylic case with direct printed banding. We added acrylic vape pen holders and a PVC header graphic.
  1. Cherished Girl T-Shirt Display– We made this 5-shelf, spinning t-shirt floor display for the Cherished Girl brand. We constructed the display using MDF with a high-end wood laminate. We chose bright pink edge banding to tie into the pink PVC header graphics.
  1.  Roadrunner Sports Kiosk– We designed this high-tech kiosk for Roadrunner Sports stores. Dubbed “Shoe Dog,” the kiosk was placed next to a treadmill so a footwear consultant could help a customer select the right shoe. The camera inside the kiosk produced a live video feed which was displayed on the video screen. We built the kiosk to accommodate a PC as well as providing additional inside storage. We decorated the kiosk in vibrant Shoe Dog graphics.
  1. Big B’s Shelf Display– We’ll share one more bonus display. We made the Big B’s 4-shelf display shown below out of solid pine planks with a golden oak stained finish. We incorporated a direct printed hanging plywood sign. The display was intended to merchandise Big B’s line of juices, but this type of display could work for a broad range of products.

Thanks for checking out our 5-part blog series. We hope it inspired you to consider the compelling possibilities of Made in the USA displays.

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