40 Made in the USA Displays that Will Make You Rethink Manufacturing Overseas- Part IV

We hope you have been enjoying our blog series on Made in the USA Displays. In Part I of the series, we laid the groundwork for what is driving the reshoring and nearshoring movement and why it is here to stay. In Part II and Part III, we shared our first 20 examples of Made in the USA displays. We have been trying to show a wide range of displays made of different types of materials, including wood and wood composite materials, acrylic, metal, PVC, and glass as well as integrated display components such as LED lighting, digital media players, and a variety of graphics. Today, we’ll share our next 10 examples.

  1. Livive Counter Display– We made this acrylic counter display to showcase Livive’s line of CBD products. The display featured a clear acrylic case with a lighted base, a raised and lighted product platform, a laser-cut and backlit logo with screen-printed sub-text, and a rear access door.
  1. Puffin Floor Display– We worked with Puffin to create this floor display to merchandise its line of insulated drink holders. We used unfinished birch plywood with a stained finish for the main structure. We made a slotted back panel to accommodate slatwall hooks, added hidden casters, and finished the display with a 3D painted logo. The display shipped knock-down, and its cam-lock construction made for easy assembly.
  1. Iotas Home– Iotas makes a smart home automation system for apartments. The company needed a portable demonstration kit with live electronics. We created the wood carrying case show below which included a retractable demo panel with the company’s key smart home components which were attached to an electrical cord.
  1. iKeyp Counter Display– We designed the counter glorifier display shown below to showcase iKeyp’s smartphone connected safe, the first of its kind in the world. We constructed the display using PVC which we cut on our CNC machine and direct printed on our flatbed printer. We mounted the safe and included an embedded digital media player which played a continuous looping video that explained the products key features and benefits.
  1. Woodinville Whiskey Floor Display– If you are a fan of craft whiskeys, you might be familiar with the award-winning Woodinville Whiskey. We designed this 2-sided MDF floor shelf display to celebrate the brand. We direct printed the side panels, shelf lips, base, and header to create a graphic-graphic intensive, brand-building floor merchandiser.
  1. La Chatelaine Counter Display– One of Oprah’s favorite things in 2019, La Chatelaine’s ultra-rich hand creams feature beautiful, colorful packaging that made clear acrylic a natural material selection for the counter display we designed. We wanted to put the focus on the product not the display so we created a simple two-tiered display that included a simple logo and an easy way to hang the product from the neck of the tubes.
  1. Front Row Floor Display– To help Ubiquiti Networks launch its Front Row wearable camera product in Best Buy stores, we designed and fabricated this floor display which was constructed of metal tube and sheet metal. We laser cut the header logo and added a backlit piece of white acrylic. We included an interchangeable center magnetic graphic, a small lower merchandising section with hooks for hanging product, and a large embedded digital media player which played a continuous looping video that showed cool footage from the wearable camera.
  1. Blu3 Floor Display– We designed the floor display shown below to merchandise Blu3’s Nemo compact dive system. We combined solid bamboo plywood side panels with direct printed graphics and MDF with a white melamine finish for the main structure. We mounted a tethered product to the slanted front panel, incorporated a lower faceout for hanging product, direct printed all the graphics, and embedded a digital media player that played dive videos showing the product being used.
  1. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf– Our next display is an excellent example of combining a variety of Made in the USA materials. We made this Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf kiosk using solid wood and plywood with direct printed graphics. We added lower storage cabinets, shelves with wire shelf fencing, framed menus, an upper aluminum rail system, dimensional graphics, a solid surface counter top with trash receptacle, a wood encased cup dispenser, LED downlighting, a refrigerator, coffee accessories, and plumbing/electrical hookups.
  1. The Honest Kitchen Floor Display– Our final example today is a floor shelf display we designed to merchandise The Honest Kitchen’s line of healthy, human-grade pet food. We constructed the display out of a solid wood frame with plywood shelf bottoms. We added side graphics, shelf graphics, graphics between shelves, and a die-cut PVC header sign. The end result was an attractive, colorful display with well organized product and strong brand messaging.

Thanks for checking out our Made in the USA displays. Be sure not to miss our last installment of our 5-part series where we will share our last 10 examples.

Reshoring and Nearshoring is here to stay. Check out these cool examples of Made in the USA displays made of wood, acrylic, metal, PVC, and other materials.

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