40 Custom Shelf Displays to Inspire Better Merchandising- Part IV

In today’s blog, we’ll wrap up our 4-part series on custom shelf displays. In this post, we will share the last 10 examples of displays that we hope will inspire you toward better merchandising. In our experience, better merchandising translates into more sales, improved brand recognition, and a higher return on investment. If you missed the earlier parts of our series, you can find them here: Part I, Part II, and Part III. Let’s get right to today’s examples.

  1. Pasta Mama’s Floor Display– We designed this 2-sided, 5-shelf floor merchandiser to have a raw, natural feel. We used sold pine with a clear coat finish and incorporated hooks for hanging product, a recipe card holder, and PVC shelf and header signs.
Pasta Mamas custom shelf display

2. Skin Authority Floor Display– We designed the 3-tiered shelf display shown below to merchandise Skin Authority’s signature line of skin care products. We chose MDF with a white melamine finish as the primary material and created stepped shelves for maximum product visibility. We used our CNC machine to create individual product holes and added shelf signs and branding on the base and die-cut header sign.

Skin Authority custom shelf display

3. Santeer Acrylic Counter Display– Santeer was looking for a custom acrylic counter shelf display to display its CBD products. We created a counter display with clear acrylic construction and 7 gravity-fed shelves. The display had an open back which made it easy for a clerk to service from behind the counter. We printed color-coded front graphics to help customers identify each product and added corresponding explanatory side graphics to help facilitate an educational sale.

Santeer custom shelf display

4. Minted Counter Display– The counter display shown below was designed for high-end greeting cards, but its short stepped shelves could be used to merchandise a variety of small products. We built the display out of MDF and wrapped it in a special premium laminate. We used white powder coated wire rods to raise the header and made the logo out of laser-cut 3D acrylic letters.

Minted custom shelf display

5. Smartwater Endcap Display– We manufactured the Coca Cola Smartwater endcap display for the grocery channel. The display featured an MDF base, a metal tube and sheet metal frame, adjustable wire shelves with tag molding, and multiple replaceable graphics.

Smartwater Endcap custom shelf display

6.  Tate’s Bake Shop– This 1-sided, high capacity floor merchandiser is an example of a very basic but affordable wood shelf display. The display included 6 shelves with screen-printed branding on the shelf fronts, a framed header with a digitally printed PVC sign, and knock-down construction, which made for very cost-effective shipping.

Tates bake shop custom shelf display

7. Modarri Race Car Display– We designed this interactive floor display with kids in mind. Intended for independent toy stores, this display featured a racetrack on its top deck so kids could try out Modarri’s toy demo cars, which were stored in the shelves below. We printed bright, fun graphics featuring Modarri’s line of colorful toy cars to appeal to kids.

Modarri custom shelf display

8.) Hang Ten Wood Shelf Merchandiser– We thought grey washed solid pine was the perfect choice for merchandising Coola’s line of high-performance natural sunscreen. This display was made with plank wood construction and included a screen-printed dimensional header and stenciled side graphics.

Hang Ten custom shelf display

9.  Teak Tea Floor Display– The Teak Tea mobile floor merchandiser is another example of a very basic custom shelf display, but it works because the white washed solid wood finish helps to make the colorful side and header graphics stand out. A basic display like this can often gets the job done because it puts the focus on the product instead of the display.

Teak Tea custom shelf display

10. Via Nature Counter Display– The essential oils counter display shown below featured solid bamboo construction with modular upper and lower tiers. Each tier had a single gravity fed shelf with dividers to keep the bottles organized. We included a clear acrylic front lip, metal shelf tag molding for a removable shelf sign, holes above the shelf signs for product tester bottles, and a PVC header sign.

Via Nature custom shelf display

We have come to the end of our 4-part series on custom shelf displays. We hope you have enjoyed the wide range of floor and counter displays we shared and hope it will inspire you toward better merchandising on your next POP display project.

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