40 Custom Shelf Displays to Inspire Better Merchandising- Part III

Welcome to Part III of our 4-part blog series on retail custom shelf displays. Our goal for the series is simple: to ignite your creativity and inspire you toward more effective in-store merchandising so that you can sell more product and build your brand. Throughout the series we are attempting to showcase a wide variety of custom shelf displays- displays from multiple industry verticals, displays that utilize many different types of materials, and displays that meet different retail needs, including floor displays, counter display and even corner shelf displays. If you missed the first two installments of this blog series, you can check out Part I here or Part II here. So, let’s dive into our next 10 custom shelf display examples.

  1. Darkhorse Floor Merchandiser– This 4-shelf merchandiser was designed to combine utility and strong branding with the aesthetic that you might expect of a handcrafted adult beverage. We used stained solid pine strapping and pine plywood for the structure. We added removable PVC side signs and a framed PVC header sign.
Darkhorse custom shelf display

2. Commando Leggings Display– Simple, practical, and affordable, we constructed this 2-sided custom shelf display out of MDF with a black melamine finish which really made our customer’s bright pink packaging pop. We angled the shelves back, added clear acrylic shelf fencing, incorporated side hooks, and included a laser-cut acrylic logo on both sides of the header.

Commando custom shelf display

3. Coola Spa Display– We love working with eco-friendly materials like bamboo. This 4-shelf mobile floor display combined the natural beauty of bamboo with white MDF and clear acrylic shelf fencing. The left side of the display is a cabinet that opens up to ample inside shelving. And similar to the Commando display above, we used 3D laser-cut acrylic letters for the logo.

Coola custom shelf display

4. Dreampad Slanted Shelf Display– We like the clean and crisp look of the Dreampad floor merchandiser, but apparently it was not enough to sway Mr. Wonderful to invest in the company when the display was featured on the hit TV show Shark Tank. Like the Coola display, we combined white MDF with bamboo. We incorporated direct printed graphics and a digital media player to tell the company’s story.

Dreampad custom shelf display

5. Bare Republic Floor Display– While there is nothing fancy about this floor display, it works because it puts the focus on the product. We used solid wood uprights which we painted white, a white MDF backer, and black MDF shelves with clear acrylic side fencing. The PVC header sign was vibrant and helped to complement the colorful product presentation.

Bare republic custom shelf display

6. Mr. Boddington Counter Shelf Display– This 4-tiered display features solid pine wood construction with a walnut stained finish. We direct printed the gold logo on the header and added a brass rod front crossbar and brass rod header supports.

Mr. Boddington custom shelf display

7. Aqua 5-Shelf Merchandiser– This display is a good example of how easy it is to take one of our stock floor shelf displays and turn it into a well-branded custom display. We used solid pine construction and added a white washed finish, which we like because you can still see the wood grain. What made the display come alive is the colorful PVC side signs, shelf signs, and header sign.

Aqua custom shelf display

8. Warmies 2-Sided Shelf Display– The plush toy display shown below is another example of solid pine construction with a white washed finish. Unlike the Aqua display, this display is a very open 2-sided merchandiser. We included a framed PVC header sign and screen printed graphics on the base and shelves on both sides.

Intelex custom shelf display

9. Gorilla Glue Floor Display– The Gorilla Glue floor display features a metal tube frame, wire shelves with sign channels, a branded sheet metal base accent plate, and a pegboard back panel. We added removable PVC side signs and a die-cut PVC header sign.

Gorilla Glue custom shelf display

10. goTenna Endcap Shelf Display– We designed the endcap shelf display shown below to merchandise goTenna’s off-grid communication products in REI stores. We wanted a rugged unfinished look so we used a plywood backer with birch plywood floating shelves. We incorporated hooks for hanging products, screen-printed metal side panels, and multiple digitally printed PVC shelf signs.

goTenna custom shelf display

That’s a wrap for today. We hope some of these custom shelf displays have inspired you. Please be sure to check out Part IV of this series next time in which we will share our last 10 examples.

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