40 Custom Shelf Displays to Inspire Better Merchandising- Part I

Custom shelf displays can be a great choice if you are looking to secure off-shelf placement in retail stores. Off-shelf placement typically requires a brand or product manufacturer to have its own point of purchase display rather than relying on the retailer to provide space on existing store shelving within the confines of its current plan-o-gram. Although off-shelf placement generally requires a larger investment than inline placement, it can also offer a significantly higher return on investment and a markedly better opportunity to set your product apart from competition, establish better brand awareness, and achieve higher sell-through. Welcome to Part I of RICH LTD.’s 4-part blog series on custom shelf displays. In today’s post, we’ll look at 10 examples of custom shelf displays that we hope will inspire you toward greater merchandising creativity on your next POP display project.

  1. Simi Wine Display– We designed this wine display to make the Simi brand stand out in a crowded wine and spirits section. We incorporated a butcher block surface, a homey hutch, wood drawers and wire shelves for cross-merchandising, and prominent branding.
Simi Wine Custom Shelf Display

2. Brighton Handbag Display– We designed and fabricated this premium custom shelf display to merchandise Brighton’s unique line of handbags. We utlized solid wood construction and incorporated embedded LED lighting under the shelves with no visible trace of electrical wiring.

Brighton Handbag Custom Shelf Display

3. Robert Rothschild Farms– We designed this versatile floor shelf display to merchandise Robert Rothschild Farms’ award-winning line of preserves. This high capacity display featured a decorative metal frame, solid wood shelves with a pull-out center shelf for product tasting, recipe card holders, and branding on the shelves, header and sides.

Robert Rothschild Farms Custom Shelf Display

4. World of Good– Among the most underutilized and neglected spaces in a store are the corners. We designed this corner wood shelf unit for World of Good. We made the fixture come alive with bright graphics and a combination for curved shelves and pegs for hanging product.

World of Good Custom Shelf Display

5. The Honest Kitchen– We transformed what might have otherwise been considered a typical boring wood shelf display by using colorful graphics and strong messaging highlighting the benefits of The Honest Kitchen’s line of natural and organic pet food. We die-cut the header sign to create greater interest and then added signs on each shelf, on the sides, and also between the shelves.

The Honest Kitchen Custom Shelf Display

6.) Canterbury Coffee– One of our favorite custom shelf displays is the simple sheet metal and wire display we made for Canterbury Coffee. We made the 5 branded shelves adjustable, incorporated a flag side on the left, and completed the branding with a PVC header sign.

Canterbury Coffee Custom Shelf Display

7.) Novelty Center Metal Shelf Display– Once again we relied on eye-catching and colorful graphics to dress up a basic metal shelf display. The side grids on this display enabled the shelves to be adjustable while also providing additional merchandising space. The shelf, back panel, and die-cut header graphics helped capture the attention of impulse shoppers.

Novelty Center Metal Custom Shelf Display

8.) Pawparazzi Floor Display- We started with a basic wire display with a tube frame and created this visually interesting and heavily branded 2-sided merchandiser by adding a custom powder coat and playful graphics on the base, sides, and header.

Pawparazzi Custom Shelf Display

9). Footwear Shelf Display– The footwear tower display shown below is a good example of how a combination of interesting graphics and a digital media player can completely change the nature of the interaction with shoppers.

Footwear Custom Shelf Display

10.) Vans Slatwall Shelf Display– Our final example today is a footwear display we designed for Vans. This is another example of what could have been a boring slatwall display. To make it more appealing and to create greater visual interest, we branded the shelves, added rebellious base and header graphics, and featured a framed digital media player with a looping video.

Vans Custom Shelf Display

We hope these 10 examples sparked at least a few creative ideas for you. Be sure to check out Part II of our series in which we will explore 10 more examples of custom shelf displays.

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