20 Suncare and Skincare Display Ideas- Part I

Over the past several years, there has been a growing global awareness of the impact and damage that the sun can have on unprotected skin. In addition to sun protection products, the market for skincare products is also exploding as consumers increasingly turn to health and beauty products that can help them look and feel younger. Point-of-purchase displays play an incredibly important role in triggering purchase decisions for suncare and skincare products just as they do with virtually all personal care products. In today’s post, the first of a 2-part series, we’ll share 10 suncare, skincare and cosmetic retail display ideas that can be utilized in a wide range of retail settings- from boutiques and spas to surf shops, convenience stores, specialty retailers and more. In Part II, we’ll share 10 more display ideas. If you are looking for more inspiration, you might want to check out one of our previous blogs entitled 8 Examples of Retail POP Displays for Skin Care Products.

  1. Essentiel by Adele Counter Riser– After growing up on an organic commune in California where she was exposed to many biodynamic products and natural products sourced from the fields of France, Adele Uddo developed Essentiel by Adele- a natural hand, face, and body lotion. As the world’s top hand model, Adele had the credentials to develop a successful skincare product, but she found her product was getting crowded out by the many other personal care products with which she shared shelf space in the boutiques where her product was sold.

We developed a very simple and cost-effective bamboo riser with a direct printed logo and header sign which proved to be just enough to set her product apart from the other products that just sat on shelves.

Essentiel by Adele skincare display
  1. La Chatelaine Acrylic Display– Named as one of Oprah’s favorite things for 2019, La Chatelaine’s ultra-rich hand creams are made in France and come colorfully packaged in 9 varieties. We designed this 2-tier clear acrylic cosmetic display counter to hang the hand cream tubes.  Our goal was to keep the display and the branding simple and let the product’s packaging do the talking.
La Chatelaine skincare display
  1. Sun Bum Gravity-Fed Lip Balm Display– Sun Bum was looking for a modular, gravity-fed lip balm display that could be used to merchandise 6 of its lip balm flavors. The company wanted the flexibility to offer 2 flavors or 4 flavors to smaller retailers as well. We designed the 2-tiered gravity-fed acrylic display shown below using a custom PMS-matched yellow acrylic. We screen printed branding on the top and sides, designed a way to insert interchangeable front-facing graphics, and embedded side and top magnets so the modules could stack or attach together side by side.
Sun Bum Gravity-Fed Lip Balm skincare display
  1. Sun Bum Hanging Lip Balm Display– We designed a second lip balm display for Sun Bum using the same custom yellow acrylic material. Like the prior example, this display was 2-tiered to save on counter space. We screen printed the logo on the sides, embedded magnets, added internal pushers, and used hooks to hang the carded lip balm products.
Sun Bum Hanging Lip Balm skincare display
  1. Sun Bum Coco Balm Counter Display– A third example of a lip balm display we designed for Sun Bum is the Coco Balm display shown below. This display was made out of white acrylic and was designed to hold a chipboard box of 36 lip balms. The display featured a base with an inset area for the box, a screen-printed front lip, and a removable branded back panel.
Sun Bum Coco Balm skincare display
  1. Skin Authority 2-Tiered Counter Display– In addition to acrylic, bamboo is a fairly common material choice for skin care products because of its eco-friendly properties. We used carbonized bamboo to create a low-profile, 2-tierd display for Skin Authority’s Beauty Infusion Collection. We used our CNC machine to cut holes for the bottled product on the lower tier and then went with a flat riser for the boxed product on the upper tier. We added a removable die-cut digitally printed header sign.
Skin Authority 2-Tiered skincare display
  1. Skin Authority Single-Tier Counter Display– Similar to the above example, we designed a single tier version for bottled product only.
Skin Authority Single-Tier skincare display
  1. Coola Floor Merchandiser– We designed this mobile skincare products merchandiser for Coola to go in high-end spas. Solid carbonized bamboo proved to be a good choice for the main material given its fit with Coola’s natural and organic product line. We accented the bamboo with white melamine MDF and added clear acrylic fencing on the floating shelves and a laser-cut white acrylic logo on the main cabinet door. The second picture below shows the inside cabinet storage.
Coola skincare display
Coola skincare display
  1. Hang Ten Solid Wood Product Riser– This simple solid wood product riser we designed for the Hang Ten suncare product line is just enough to organize the Hang Ten products while also setting them apart from the other products on the shelf. We used solid wood with a white washed finish and added a screen-printed logo on the front lip.
Hang Ten skincare display
  1. NuFace Counter Display– NuFace asked us to design a countertop glorifier display for its at-home microcurrent skincare device. We used all acrylic construction to create a premium look, added a back riser, and finished the display with a die-cut back panel with a graphic showing the product in use.
NuFace skincare display

Be sure to join us for Part II of this series in which we will share 10 additional examples of suncare and skincare displays.

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