20 Ideas for Flip Flop and Sandal Displays- Part I

The global footwear industry is more than a $365 billion market and is projected to grow to more than $530 billion by 2027. There are a lot of feet out there. Sandals are the most common type of footwear as well as the oldest, dating as far back as 4000 B.C. in Ancient Egypt. Given the size, growth, and popularity of this market, it is worth paying attention to merchandising best practices within this category. Our objective of this 2-part blog series on flip flop and sandal displays is simply to share 20 practical examples of various ways in which flip flops and sandals can be merchandised.

  1. REEF 2-Sided Gondola Style Display– Since flip flops come in a variety of styles and sizes, having a larger capacity fixture like the one we designed below can make a lot of sense. This fixture has a slotted metal tube frame that accommodates adjustable hooks, curved side signs, and a 2-sided header.
  1. Aetrex Glorifier– We created this branded, organically shaped floor or tabletop glorifier to showcase an assortment of women’s and men’s Aetrex flip flops.
  1. 2-Sided Cushe Display– This 12-SKU flip flop display merchandiser features metal frame construction with adjustable branded hooks. The main differentiator of this display is the use of sustainable signage in the form of digitally printed  honeycomb side sides.
  1. Alternative 2-Sided Cushe Display– We created an alternative version of the 12-SKU merchandiser using the same basic construction but with curved PVC side signs and a different PVC header sign.
Best practice footwear merchandising is essential for success in the multi-billion footwear market. Check out 20 examples of flip flop and sandal displays.
  1. Chaco Tower Display– This mobile footwear merchandiser is constructed of an MDF base on casters with a slotted metal tube center post, 12 adjustable branded shelves, a PVC flag sign, and header sign. Be sure to check out our similar footwear displays.
  1. Bijolie Swimflop Counter Display– Countertop flip flop and sandal displays are less common than floor displays, but the Bijolie swimflop display is an example of a 4-sided, spinning display designed to carry a limited selection of SKUs. The display is constructed of MDF with the two sides being used for merchandising product while the center panels are used for branding and product information.
  1. Bijolie Swimflop Floor Display– The Bijolie floor display was designed to complement the counter display with similar features and construction. In addition to adding more SKUs, we added acrylic side bins, more glorifier shelves and more branding.
  1. Adidas Outdoor Tower– The Adidas Outdoor tower display uses the same base and slotted sheet metal tower as the Chaco tower fixture we shared in our fifth example, but instead of adjustable shelves we used adjustable branded hooks. This provided a way to carry much more product rather than just serving as a floor glorifier.
  1. Hari Mari Floor Display– This spinning 3-sided Hari Mari hook display is constructed of white washed plywood and includes 12 hooks with a digitally printed PVC header.
  1. Hari Mari Counter Display– The top half of the above floor display can be used separately as a counter display. It includes 6 hooks and a 3-sided PVC header.

Be sure to look for our next post in which we will share 10 more examples of flip flop and sandal displays which we hope will inspire you toward better merchandising.

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