13 Spinning Countertop Hook Display Ideas

In many retail locations, countertop space is hard to come by. If you are lucky enough to get it, it can make a big difference in your sales velocity, particularly if you can land premium space by the checkout counter. Your best chance of getting countertop space is to create a space-efficient display with a small footprint. If you have a hanging product, one of the best options to consider is a spinning display, which not only has the benefit of space-efficiency and versatility, but spinning displays are also naturally interactive. In today’s post we’ll share 13 spinning countertop hook retail display ideas.

  1. Brighton Jewelry Display– We designed this countertop jewelry display for Brighton Collectibles. It’s an incredibly versatile display in that each of the 3 panels spin independently as does the entire display. In addition, the 2-sided fabric covered panels can easily be changed out. The hook rows can be vertically adjusted and are interchangeable with other display accessories such as bracelet bars.
  1. Moshi 2-Tiered Counter Display– We really like the versatility and aesthetic of the Moshi countertop hook display we designed below. It features a slotted metal center post, wood arms with J metal hooks, a branded circular header, and wood accents on the header and spinning base.
  1. Puffin Drinkware Holder Display– We made the 15-hook retail spinner shown below to merchandise Puffin’s drinkware holders, but it’s easy to imagine how this countertop display could work for a broad range of products. We used a solid wood dowel with metal hooks and a birch plywood base with direct printed graphics. We topped it off with a painted solid wood 3D logo element.
  1. P.L.A.Y. 2-Sided Counter Spinner– While slatwall hangers can sometimes be bulky and impractical for counter display applications, fixed position or slotted panel designs are often an excellent substitute. We used solid pine to frame the birch plywood center panel, direct printed the plywood base, added 4 fixed hooks per side, incorporated a die-cut PVC header sign, and stained the frame and base to create contrast with the center panel.
  1. Puravida 6-Sided Counter Spinner– We made the 18-hook counter spinner shown below to hold Puravida bracelets. We used a white washed plywood base with a sheet metal lip, added a metal frame with slide-in panels, included hooks with circular stoppers on the ends, and capped the display with a PVC header finished with branded vinyl graphics.
  1. Mrs. Grossman’s Economy Counter Spinner– While our next example won’t win any design awards, it is very economical as well as functional. This all-metal display features a wire base, metal center pole, 2 independently spinning sheet metal tiers with adjustable plastic hooks, and a plastic sign holder with a 2-sided die-cut PVC header sign. The display knocks-down very well and ships in a relatively flat box.
  1. Cape Cod Chokers Family of Hook Spinners– Slotted plywood panels offer a good way to accommodate fixed position slatwall hooks. We created the family of spinners shown below for Cape Cod Chokers. The little guy in the middle was just right for low volume smaller shops while the larger capacity displays were a good fit for larger accounts.
  1. Wildlife Collections– The 3-sided spinner below is another example of a slotted panel display. We constructed the display out of unfinished birch plywood with a white painted finish. We added vertical corner branding and acrylic sleeves for interchangeable header graphics.
  1. Dirty Hands Clean Money Spinner– We designed the spinning countertop multi-merchandiser shown below to cross-merchandise pegged items and caps. We used a wire grid supported by a tube frame and branded MDF base. We printed PVC header signs on both sides of the display.
Check out these 13 practical and versatile spinning countertop hook display ideas that are designed to increase sales and fit in relatively small footprints.
  1. PickleUpper Stock Counter Spinner– We used one of our stock countertop spinners to help PickleUpper merchandise its hot-selling product which enables Pickleball players to pick up a pickleball without bending over. This 2-tiered countertop hook spinner is another example of an economy display that is very affordable and knocks down for cost-effective shipping. The display utilizes a wire base, independently spinning wire hook attachments, a plastic sign holder and a PVC header sign.
  1. Hari Mari Counter Spinner– The Hari Mari countertop spinner shown below is another example of a slotted panel hook display constructed of plywood with a white washed finish. This 6-hook display has a small footprint and includes prominent header branding on 3 sides.
  1. 4-Sided Countertop Wood Spinner– The countertop spinner shown below features solid pine constructed with a stained finish. In place of hooks, we used nails to accommodate the carded product and reinforce the raw/rugged aesthetic.  
  1. Puravida Countertop Bracelet Spinner– Our final example is another Puravida hook spinner which me made of unfinished birch plywood with a rustic white washed finish. This high capacity 72-hook spinner holds a lot of bracelets in a relatively small footprint. To finish the display, we wrapped the base with a sheet metal strip and added a screen-printed header sign.

Spinning countertop hook displays are popular merchandisers for hanging items and are an excellent solution for retail spaces that have limited space.

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