10 Tire Displays That Will Captivate Customers

There are over $32 billion of tires sold annually. Over 60% of tires sold are sold through independent tire dealers. The top 20 brands of tires account for over 95% of sales, but within that 95% the industry is fairly fragmented. The tire industry is arguably a mature industry, but when it comes to merchandising there is a surprising lack of sophistication. In today’s blog we’ll look at 10 tire showroom display ideas that can help to convert shoppers to customers.

tires and wheels tire displays

Given the size and maturity of the tire industry, it is puzzling why the industry has not done a better job of merchandising. The last time I bought tires, I showed up at a tire dealer and waited in a fairly long line. There may have been a display or two in the shop, but they were uninspiring. When I got to the counter, the customer service guy turned a computer screen toward me and showed me a full screen of text. Buried in all the text somewhere were 3-4 options for me that were based on a few variables such as price, mileage warranty, and brand name. I made a quick decision based on the limited information I had but walked away concluding that the purchase experience was underwhelming and that the tire industry is missing out on an opportunity to do a better job of educating customers while also creating a more satisfied customer.

Imagine what a difference it would have made if the dealer had point-of-purchase displays showcasing their top selling tires. The customer service person could have walked me through my options by showing me physical tire samples on display and educating me on the differences between the tires. Alternatively, if the tire showroom display had a digital media player I would have watched a video that could have helped selLet’s look at 10 examples of cool tire displays that could have changed my experience. The first display is a 1-sided or 2-sided display we designed that enables the customer to look at and feel the tire, read about the features and benefits, and make a connection with the brand through the prominent branding on the display.

The second display has all the same characteristics of the above display with slightly different execution.

ATD floor tire displays - Retail
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The third display is the same as the display above, but it is a 2-sided display instead of a 1-sided unit. This display would work well in an open space where customers have an opportunity to walk around the fixture.

ATD tire displays -custom pop retail display

We designed the Nexen tire display below to be a low-profile, 2-sided display to merchandise just 2 tires. In addition to having a low center of gravity, the display includes ample graphics, a brochure holder, and bright purple powder coating to tie into the Nexen brand.

NEXIN retail tire displays

We also created a taller Nexen fixture that was 2-sided and designed to hold 4 tires as shown below.

NEXIN retail; tire displays - multi tiered retail display

We designed another low profile display for Pep Boys to hold 2 tires. Unlike the Nexen display where we used square tubing, we used round tubing on the Pep Boys display along with a perforated sheet metal panel.

PEPBOYS  tire displays

The taller big brother to the above display was designed to hold 4 tires and is shown below.

PEPBOYS  tire displays

We designed a third low-profile display for two tires which was similar in construction to the other two, but it had its own distinctive design as shown below.

single tiered Capitol tire display for retail environment

Our ninth example today goes back to the Nexen family of tire fixtures. It’s identical to the taller 4-tire display we designed above, but the one below is designed to hold 2 tires in a 1-sided format. Like a number of the others, this display has a brochure holder to provide the customer with more information about the Nexen brand.

NEXIN tire display for automotive industry

Our final example today is not one we designed, but it is similar to a lot of the single tire displays that you see in automotive stores and tire dealerships. The benefit of this display is that it is cheap and it shows the product. The downside is that it provides no additional information about the tire.

BFGoodrich KM2 tire displays - Retail pop display

We think it is time for the tire industry to take a hard look at the customer experience and consider incorporating more high quality point-of-purchase displays to facilitate the purchasing process.

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