10 Great Ways to Customize a Stock POP Display

In a recent blogpost we discussed how lead times have been shrinking for point of purchase display programs. This is creating challenges for retailers and brands as well as retail fixture suppliers. We offered a number of tips for meeting reduced lead times, but we did not discuss perhaps the greatest time-saving strategy: customizing a stock POP display. RICH LTD. offers a full line of some of the industry’s most unique stock POP displays. We understand that most customers want a custom display that will differentiate their product in a crowded marketplace and help to reinforce their brand. However, almost any of our stock displays can be quickly customized to create a unique, brand-building POP merchandiser. Here are 10 of our favorites:

  1. 2-Sided Slatwall Display- Our SW-62FL slatwall display is easy to customize by adding brand-specific header and side signs. For Griffin Technology, we created a high-end 2-sided custom header sign constructed of clear acrylic with a white MDF backer, aluminum stand-offs and dimensional acrylic letters. We added a set of die-cut digitally printed side signs to create a fully customized and graphic-intensive floor display.

We used a similar approach to customize the SW-62FL for GoPole. While many of the materials were the same, the art work and aluminum framed header sign execution were different which enabled us to create a unique yet highly functional display to help establish the GoPole brand

CAP Floor Display- We customized our CAP-8 and CAP-3 displays for Agron/Adidas by adding branding in 3 key locations. First, we added a plastic base sign on the floor unit which served as a cost-effective way to cover the base while reinforcing the Adidas brand. Second, we added logo plates to the sides and fronts of the cap pockets. Finally, we added a simple PVC header sign. The combination of these branding elements served to transform generic stock displays into heavily-branded headwear fixtures.


2-sided Solid Wood Slatwall Merchandiser- For Blowfish, we utilized full on-slat graphics to cover the maple finish on our stock CR-24-2S-TSM unit. The unit featured a large lifestyle graphic on 1 side and a branded pattern graphic on the other side. We added a custom wood header to make this floor merchandiser an eye-catching unique display.

SFL Fixture- We customized our popular SFL-HRACK for several of VF Imagewear’s brands. The example below shows the rendition we did for Bulwark. We substituted large digitally printed PVC panels for the standard maple panels, changed the powder coating from silver to black on the frame and metal accessories, created custom framed header signs, and added die-cut logo signs on each side.


Two other examples of customizing the HRACK are shown below in addition to an example of how we have customized our stock SFL-PINWHEEL display. These customization examples were all accomplished by adding custom header signs, substituting custom panel graphics for stock MDF panels, and in one case changing the powder coating from silver to black.

Floor Grid POP Display– For Pawparazzi we customized our stock UMF-24G 2-sided mobile grid merchandiser (shown below on the left) by changing the standard powder coating to a custom green powder coating and adding matching shelves. We added a graphical base box, side graphics and a header graphic to completely transform our stock display.

Another less dramatic but highly practical example is shown below on the right. By adding attractive die-cut PVC side and header signs, we created a brand-centric custom footwear display for Oofos.


Shoe Tower Merchandiser- The example below shows how we customized our MPP-HD shoe tower display. We changed the powder coating from black to white, created custom shoe shelves, added a die-cut header and side flag sign, and included a digital media player


T-Shirt Cubbie Fixture- The example on the left below shows how we customized our stock WD-4S-TSH 4-sided mobile t-shirt cubbie display for Guy Harvey. We simply integrated a complete set of custom t-shirt graphics and added a custom PVC header sign to create a high impact apparel display which proved to drive significant incremental sales for the Guy Harvey brand.

In the example on the right below, we customized our stock T-shirt cubbie display by creating a smaller 2-sided version for Kerusso’s line of Christian t-shirts. We used a bright pink laminate, custom t-shirt graphics, and mounted double die-cut header signs to create a unique display for Kerusso’s Cherished Girl brand.

Similarly, we customized our stock SU-36LINK counter sunglass display for Body Glove by adding a 4-sided header with Body Glove graphics.


Sunglass Displays- There are many ways to customize our stock sunglass displays. Two examples are shown below. We customized our SU-72LINK unit for Louis Garneau by adding a custom podium base with silk screened logo branding on 4 sides. We also added similar logo branding on all 4 sides of the header.


Wood Floor Shelf POP Display- We are often asked to customize our stock WD-24FL-P fixture. We primarily do this by adding custom graphics. The example below on the left shows how simple side and header signs can transform a generic wood shelf display into well branded coffee display. The example below on the right shows a more elaborate customization that we did for The Honest Kitchen. We modified the wood structure, added side graphics, shelf graphics, between-shelf graphics, and a die-cut header sign.


Economy Floor Shelf Display- Our last example shows how we can take a simple economy metal floor shelf display and dress it up with custom graphics. Our stock DLXS-16SH is shown below on the left. We customized this generic display by adding a simple footer graphic, a more interesting die-cut header graphic, and colorful product-specific shelf graphics.

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