10 Food and Beverage Displays that Maximize Sales and Build Brands

The food and beverage category is crowded and highly competitive. Traditional CPG brands have seen growth stagnate amid challenges by upstart brands. The battle among brands is being waged on social media as well as at the point of sale. Effective visual merchandising and displays continue to be a critically important success factor for companies trying to maximize sales and build their brand. Today we will look at 10 food and beverage visual merchandising and display ideas that we hope will inspire you toward better merchandising.

  1. Crunk Counter Display– Among food and beverage products, energy drinks are particularly competitive. We designed the very cost-effective but well branded gravity-fed wire serpentine beverage display below to merchandise non-refrigerated Crunk Energy Drinks on the countertop.
Crunk food and beverage displays
  1. TD’s Brew & BBQ– We made the floor display shown below to maximize sell-through and accelerate growth of this award-winning Southwestern brand of sauces and seasonings. We built the display using solid wood with a rich dark stained finish to communicate the quality of the brand.
TD’s Brew & BBQ food and beverage displays
  1. Teak Tea– To help build brand recognition and attract shopper attention we designed the 4-shelf merchandiser shown below. We used solid unfinished birch plywood with a white washed finish and made the beverage display rack pop with interchangeable and colorful header, side, and shelf signs.
Teak Tea food and beverage displays
  1. Buddy Fruits Mobile Shelf Merchandiser– To help Buddy Fruits execute its off-shelf strategy and set its brand apart from more established brands with large promotional budgets, we designed the lower profile 4-shelf display shown below to fit into the produce department of major grocery store chains. We combined solid wood and plywood, added a golden oak stained finish, and combined permanent screen-printed branding with interchangeable side signs to create a mobile, highly versatile merchandiser.
Buddy Fruits food and beverage displays
  1. Canterbury Coffee Floor Display– As a part of its Resiprocate “One Sip at a Time” organic coffee campaign, we designed the one-sided metal display shown below. This sheet metal display featured 5 branded adjustable shelves and a direct printed header and flag sign.
Canterbury food and beverage displays
  1. Kind Wire Floor Display– The objective of the floor display show below was to create a very cost-effective display that let the KIND brand do the talking. We went with all-wire knock-down construction and combined flat shelves with tiered shelves. We added a PVC header sign but otherwise put the focus on KIND’s colorful packaging.
Kind Wire food and beverage displays
  1. Robert Rothschild Farms Floor Display– We created the high capacity floor display shown below to merchandise Robert Rothschild Farm’s gourmet food line. We designed a decorative metal tube and wire frame, added solid wood stained shelves including a pull-out shelf for demonstration/tasting, incorporated a recipe card holder, and finished the display with header, side, and shelf signs.
Robert Rothschild food and beverage displays
  1. Coffee Floor Display– In contrast to the metal Canterbury Coffee display shown earlier, we created the 5-shelf coffee display shown below using solid pine. The display includes side and header branding and knocks down for cost-effective shipping and storage.
Coffee food and beverage displays
  1. Coca-Cola– We made this very low-profile mobile merchandiser for the grocery channel. We used a solid pine frame with casters and added shelf, side and PVC header signs.
Coca-cola food and beverage displays
  1. Clif Bar Floor Display– Like many food brands, Clif Bar was interested in a natural look so we designed the 6-shelf floor display using solid pine and plywood with a walnut stain. We added side and shelf signs as well as an attention-grabbing die-cut header sign.
Clif Bar food and beverage displays

The merchandising and displays that we showcased today are just a few examples of the many ways in which food and beverage products can be successfully merchandised in grocery, convenience, and specialty stores.

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