The Latest Stock and Custom POP Displays and Store Fixtures: RICH LTD.’s 2020 Catalog Now Available Online

Posted by Jim Hollen on Jan 28, 2020 2:30:00 PM

The 2020 RICH LTD. catalog of stock and custom retail POP displays is now available. This year’s catalog showcases numerous custom display examples and also includes more than 100 stock displays that are ready to ship and also can be customized to meet specific merchandising needs. You can use this link to download the catalog: 2020 Catalog.

So, what’s new this year? Well, aside from the many custom displays featured in the catalog which we hope will inspire you, there are a few things to note with respect to the stock line:

New finishes- We’re introducing some new and exciting finishes that we believe are really trending- from textured artisan finishes to rustic barn and rustic white finishes.

New Designer Collections- We’re emphasizing some new designer collections or families of synergistic fixtures that share common DNA and can be used to outfit an entire store, a pop-up shop, or department within a store.

Smarter Designs- Our product development team has been working to improve the shipping economics and ease of assembly on a number of fixtures such as our 2-sided and 4-sided T-shirt cubby displays which we are now offering with plywood construction and knock-down design.

Below are just a few pictures of some of the new finishes that are part of our new designer collections as well as our knock-down t-shirt cubby display.



Pinwheel Fixture from our Rustic Barn Collection


SFL PINWHEEL Custom POP Displays


Slatwall fixture from our Rustic Barn Collection

SW 62FL Custom POP Displays

H Rack from our Rustic White Collection

SFL HRACK Custom POP Displays

Slatwall Fixture from our Rustic White Collection

SW 62FL Custom POP Displays



Knock-down 4-Sided T-shirt Cubby Display

WD 4S Custom POP Displays


We’ve written in the past about some of the benefits or choosing stock displays to meet your merchandising needs. Among those benefits to keep in mind are the following:

Time to Market- Stock displays are ready for immediate shipment and can help capture sales right away.

No Minimum Order Quantities- Unlike custom displays, stock displays are typically available to purchase in quantities of 1 so you can minimize your financial commitment, reduce inventory, and maximize your cash flow.

Customizable- Stock displays are generally easy to customize by adding signs with your branding or mixing and matching accessories to meet your merchandising needs.

Cost-Effective- Stock displays tend to be cost effective since they are typically made in larger manufacturing runs, and the cost of engineering and design can be amortized over a greater number of units.

Time-Tested- Because they are frequently manufactured over a longer period of time and in higher quantities, stock displays are usually considered time-tested and tend to have fewer issues relative to a custom display that might be produced for the first time.

Flexibility- Stock displays can offer flexibility vis-à-vis configurability made possible by numerous accessory choices while also offering a quick solution for spare parts and add-on components that can facilitate repairs or changes required for seasonal or rotational merchandising programs.

We hope you enjoy our 2020 Catalog.


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