The Art of Creating an Effective Sunglass Display to Maximize Sunglass Sales

Posted by Matthew Kull on Oct 23, 2014 2:30:00 PM

Part II- Inspiration for Creating High-End Sunglass Displays

In Part I of this series we focused on high-end sunglass displays. We showed a number of examples of creative yet functional floor and counter locking sunglass cases that stand out in the retail marketplace from the typical locking glass cases that are all too common.

But, how do you go about creating a unique high-end sunglass display? It starts with research. Our design team typically does a lot of research and looks for inspiration. Inspiration might come in the form of material samples, artwork, other retail displays, consumer products, and even nature. Below are just a few examples that we have used for inspiration in designing some of the high-end displays that we discussed in Part I of this series.

Reclaimed wood like the wood used to make this cabinet can help create a vintage look.
While not reclaimed, we like the look of this wood and think it has fairly broad application.
While a little more common, this wood shown on the display case below may provide options where budget is more of an issue.
pine-sunglass-display-case-stainedWe are big fans of beetle kill pine, not only for environmental reasons, but for its interesting look. We particularly like the blue stained version, which is a little more expensive but it is cool. We show 4 examples below.

  We like the wood grain look with the dimensional letters on the Raen display below.
 raen-sunglass-display-case-lockingThe reclaimed wood on the Epokhe sunglass display below offers excellent inspiration for creating a POP display with a vintage look.

We also like the shelving example shown below.
 Bamboo is always among our favorite materials for any POP display. It’s beautiful, strong, and eco-friendly.
bamboo-wood-flat-grain-breifcase The base below adds a lot of interest to this display.wood-glass-sunglass-display-case
We think the shelves on the units below are creative and eye-catching.
The picture below provide inspiration for metal parts that might be incorporated into a high-end sunglass display.
 The 4 header examples below are good sources of inspiration.
Sunglass case accessories are always important design elements of any sunglass display. Below are some examples for inspiration.

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