Test Your Knowledge of Overseas Manufacturing and Importing of Retail POP Displays with This 10-Question Quiz

Posted by Matthew Kull on May 3, 2016 1:14:56 PM

In one of our recent blogs we featured a 10-question quiz to test your overall knowledge of retail POP displays. If you missed our quiz, you can take it here. In today’s blogpost, we put together another short 10-question quiz. This quiz is designed to test your general knowledge of overseas manufacturing and importing of retail POP displays. Let’s see how you do. At the end of the quiz we provide answers with brief explanations as necessary.


1)    What is the average transit time of an ocean container sailing from China to Southern California?
A)    14 days
B)    8 days
C)    18 days
D)    21 days

2)    How many factories were estimated to be manufacturing hoverboards in Shenzhen, China in 2015?
A)  300
B)  900
C)  1200
D)  10,000

3)    Based on current exchange rates, how many Chinese Yuan to the U.S. dollar?
A)    7.22
B)    6.47
C)    5.98
D)    6.15

4)    What is the approximate number of national holidays or common local holidays in China each year?
A)    11
B)    16
C)    39
D)    27

5)    How many 20 ft. containers can fit on the largest available shipping vessel?
A)    2,500
B) 10,000
C) 7,500
D) 18,000

6)    What is the total CBMs (cubic meters) of a shipment of 100 boxes, each of which measures 133x44x12 CMs?
A)    .12
B)    4.6
C)    7.02
D)    None of the Above

7)    In 2015 the average factory worker in China earned how much per day?
A)    $27.50
B)    $42.00
C)    $18.75
D)    $32.80

8)    In 2015 the average factory worker in Vietnam earned what percentage of the daily wage of the average China factory worker?
A)    78%
B)    65%
C)    52%
D)    24%

9)    Which of the following is not a sailing port in China?
A)    Shenzhen
B)    Yan Tian
C)    Xiamen
D)    Shanghai
E)    Ningbo

10)     6MM wire is closest to what diameter?
A)    1/8”
B)    ¼”
C)    ¾”
D)    None of the above

Scroll Down For Answers

1)    A
2)    D
3)    B
4)    D
5)    D
6)    C  ((1.33x.44x.12)x100=7.02)
7)    A
8)    D ($6.70 per day)
9)    A
10)    B

How did you do?
1)    9-10 correct answers= Excellent
2)    7-8 correct answers= Very Good
3)    5-6 correct answers= Good
4)    Less than 5 correct answers= Fair

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