T Shirt Display Options: Using Solid Wood to Create a Natural Look

Posted by Matthew Kull on Aug 16, 2016 2:30:00 PM

We’ve recently been writing a fair amount about t shirt display ideas and also about how retail wood displays are trending. If you missed our recent blog series entitled “Creating Impulse Sales with an Effective T Shirt Display,” you can check out Part I here and Part II here. Likewise, our blog entitled “Should You Invest in a T Shirt Display or Just Continue Selling on Amazon?,” was an eye-opener for us after digging into the data. If you missed that post, you should definitely check it out. In addition to our recent musings about t shirt displays, we have been sharing our thinking on wood displays. Two of our recent posts were: “Wood Displays are Trending” and “The Next Big Idea in Point of Purchase Design: Beetle Kill Pine.” Today we are going to combine these ideas and show lots of examples of solid wood displays that can be used to merchandise t-shirts as well as other apparel items.
 Lowepro table sign t shirt display
Using solid wood to create a t-shirt display is a great way to create a natural look. A lot of t-shirt companies and other companies who sell apparel products are looking to get away from the more industrial look that comes with metal displays. Rather, they want to appeal to customers who are more into organic, natural, and locally-made products. They understand that a POP display should match the brand image they wish to portray. While we have made many different types of t-shirt and apparel displays, our focus today will specifically be on a line of solid wood displays known as the “Conde line.”

The Conde line was the signature product line of D.K. Conde Wood, Inc. which RICH LTD. acquired in 2009. What we like about the Conde line is that it doesn’t use MDF or particle board with cheap melamine or laminate finishes that can easily chip and start looking bad after a few months. The Conde line is all about solid wood construction and furniture-quality craftsmanship. It’s aesthetically pleasing, has a great natural vibe, is easy to ship without damage, and is very durable. All of the fixtures in the Cone line knock-down and are very cost-effective for shipping. The solid wood takes stain well and also looks good with a simple clear coat. Any of the Conde fixtures would work well in bike shops, surf ships, sporting goods stores, and almost any type of retail shop. So let’s take a look at the line.
As you can see in the first display shown below, the display uses a simple solid wood construction with unique side waterfall arms, a center hanging rod, and a solid wood header that can be silk screened, laser engraved, or laser engraved with paint filling.
CR11 TCR Shimano t shirt display
The second display shown below is a variation of the first display with some additional hanging accessories which turn it into a true 4-sided display.
CR20 2T4WCR clothes t shirt display

Solid wood can also work well with standard metal grid as shown below.
CR24 2S TGW clothes t shirt display

The same basic components can be used with a 2-sided solid wood slatwall panel. The solid wood accessory shelf includes a solid wood hanging dowel beneath the shelf.
CR24 2S TSM clothes t shirt display

The 4-sided minimalistic display shown below uses a combination of wood waterfalls and wood straight-outs.
CR20 4WCR shirts t shirt display

Another 4-sided display shown below features double waterfall arms on the sides and solid wood hanging dowels in the center on 2 sides. The header is mounted on a top deck which can be used for caps or various types of folded apparel.
Belstaff HDCR with sign t shirt display

The slatwall display shown below consists of 3 slatwall panels configured in an “H” shape. A wide range of accessories work with this display.
CR2424 HG TSM clothes t shirt display

A larger gondola version is shown below. You can see how the darker stained trim adds a higher-end touch to the unit.
CR2448 HG SSM clothes t shirt display

The more economical version shown below utilizes metal grid in place of the 3 slatwall panels.
CR2448 HG SGW bags t shirt display

This same concept can be configured as a smaller t-sided unit as shown below.
cr24tesgw t shirt display

There are many other variations and combinations of the Conde line, all of which can be customized to meet specific retailer or brand merchandising needs.

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