Point of Purchase Design for Convenience Stores- Part III

Posted by Jim Hollen on Apr 19, 2016 2:30:00 PM

In the first 2 parts of this 3-part blog series, we discussed how we were able to leverage our point of purchase design experience to improve the merchandising effectiveness in the entrance area and candy and snack section of a convenience store chain. In today’s post, we’ll look at our approach to redesigning the check stand and counter area.

The pictures below show the check stand and counter area that we encountered during our initial visit to the convenience store chain. As you can see the retailer has done a good job of taking advantage of the available space around the checkout area.
Express Mart point of purchase design

The retailer used a combination of wire shelving and slatwall with single peg scanner hooks to merchandise most of its product mix.
 Express Mart point of purchase design
 Express Mart point of purchase design

Express Mart point of purchase design

On the right side of the checkout area, the store attempted to take advantage of the lower wall space by offering travel mugs. As you can see, unlike the other areas around the check stand, this area was not particularly well merchandised and was not well utilized. The dark green color was also not a good choice for making products pop.
Express Mart point of purchase design

In summary, this convenience store retailer did a good job of utilizing the available space in most of the front-end store areas, but we felt the merchandising approach was cluttered and seemed a bit like “random retailing.” Most of the products were impulse products that were difficult to find.

Our approach to improve the front-end of the store was to organize the merchandise into logical sections which we separated by curved white MDF panels. We eliminated the ugly wire shelves and added sheet metal front shelf lips to create a higher-end look. We also added LED lighting which brightened the entire front-end section and was designed to draw more attention to the products. We relocated some of the higher value items like travel mugs to an eye-level location where they were more likely to generate sell-through. Finally, we added product signage and header signage which helped to freshen up the overall look while also helping shoppers navigate the front-end product mix.

Cashier Stand point of purchase design
Cashier Stand point of purchase design 

Our proposed makeover was not expensive, but we believe it represented a significant improvement in the merchandising approach that would ultimately lead to higher sales.

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