Custom Retail Displays for the Countertop- Part III

Posted by Jim Hollen on Apr 6, 2017 2:30:00 PM

This is the third post in our series on custom retail displays for the countertop. If you missed our first 2 posts, you can read Part I here and Part II here. Our primary objective of this blog series is to show a wide range of examples of countertop displays that meet different budget requirements and merchandise different types of products. Ultimately, the goal of any POP display to drive sales and generate an attractive return on investment. So let’s dive in.

BII-CT01 Custom retail displays

Our first example is a countertop display that can be used for a wide range of products. There is nothing fancy about the custom retail display shown above, but it is one of the most cost-effective designs you will find in a retail environment. Why? Well, for one it is constructed of wire, which is one of the most cost-effective materials used in POP displays. The second reason is it is a knock-down design so it is relatively inexpensive to ship. We built in a removable PVC header sign which is also a relatively cost-effective approach to branding this type of display.
Our second example below is even more cost-effective. We designed this 8-SKU countertop custom retail display for Honest Tea. You can see that the amount of wire used in this display is very minimal. Not only does this make the display less expensive to produce, but it allows the display to disappear and puts the focus on the product. We added a PVC header sign which helped to build the brand and communicate the brand messaging.
Honest tea Custom retail displays

Third, we designed the 3-shelf counter display for Innovacyn. Our customer was looking for a cost-effective display with a rugged look so we used OSB board and added shelf signs, a die-cut header sign, and a side brochure holder.
INOV Custom retail displays

Fourth, the Propet countertop footwear glorifier display shown below was designed as a vacuum formed display with a wire side brochure pocket, a front vinyl graphic, and a removable die-cut header sign.
PROP Custom retail displays

Our fifth example is a 3-shelf acrylic puzzle display for the counter. This display features clear acrylic construction, 3 high-capacity shelves, a 7” digital media player, and a curved front graphic with product messaging.
ENI Custom retail displays

Sixth, we designed the 5-tier acrylic Scripto display for the countertop. The display includes an MDF base, clear acrylic boxes, black acrylic accents, screen printed branding, and a removable header sign.
SCRPTO Custom retail displays

Our seventh example is a relatively unique spinning countertop custom retail display we designed for Rocky Mountain Sunscreen. We designed the main part of the display using MDF with a maple melamine finish. We also incorporated purple powder coated wire grids, frosted acrylic shelf inserts, and a screen printed acrylic header sign.
RMC Custom retail displays

Our next example is a countertop display we designed for Zukes. We used prefinished birch plywood which we cut on our CNC machine. We screen printed the sides and the 3 angled shelf lips. The display communicated a unique and natural look.
zukes Custom retail displays

Our ninth example is another very economical 3-shelf counter display constructed using wire. Like our first example above, this is a knock-down design that ships flat. We dressed it up with removable side and header signs.
GUTZ Custom retail displays

Our final example today is a countertop display we designed for Zuvo Water. We made this one out of black sintra (expanded PVC) that we cut on our CNC machine. We added a brushed aluminum back panel and an acrylic brochure holder with an explanatory printed vinyl sticker. We installed a demo system so customers could touch and feel the product.
 ZUVO Custom retail displays
We’ll continue in our next blog sharing another 10 examples of countertop displays.

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