Custom Retail Displays for the Countertop- Part II

Posted by Jim Hollen on Apr 4, 2017 2:30:00 PM

Today we continue our blog series on custom retail displays for the countertop. As we mentioned in our last post, countertop space is often difficult to get, but it’s great real estate for small products and impulse items. If you missed Part I of our series, you can check it out here. Let’s review 10 examples of POP displays we have designed for the countertop.

PCB custom retail displays

Our first example is a simple 2-tier counter display for Prairie City Bakery. Constructed of metal tubing with PVC shelf and header signs, this budget-friendly display is simple but effective in placing the focus on the product.
The SkyCaddie counter glorifier below is designed to express the brand and communicate the product application. The main body is constructed out of sheet metal with a laser-cut metal logo at the top, golf course backdrop graphic, front and side branding, a glorifier shelf to hold the product, and a side brochure holder.
SKY custom retail displays
We initially designed the Stella D’oro counter display shown below for an inline application to make our customer’s product stand out among a sea of products competing for attention down the grocery aisle. However, the display could easily work as a stand-along counter display. We designed this with a PU-coated red MDF base and green powder coated sheet metal stand. We added a branded awning that matched the colors on the product packaging. We used 2 adjustable scanner hooks to hold product.
STELLA custom retail displays

Our fourth example is another simple 1-sided countertop unit we designed for AudioFly. We used a maple melamine base and cap and designed a black powder coated dimensional sheet metal pegboard panel. We incorporated a PVC header sign and utilized 2 OSHA hooks to hang product.
Audiofly Counter Stand custom retail displays

Our next example is the Microsoft XBOX360 countertop display. This could be made of sheet metal, but we actually made it out of acrylic. We included a digital screen, screen printed front graphics, and dimensional acrylic letters on the sizes.
XBOX custom retail displays

Like the XBOX display above, we designed the Flud watch display using acrylic. The design and shape of the display was inspired by the third letter in the brand name. This watch display was designed to be serviced from the back and included 5 shelves and vinyl graphics.
RENDER custom retail displays

Our seventh example is a counter glorifier for Trilipiderm. The main body of this display is constructed of a black acrylic under layer and a frosted acrylic top layer. We added a frosted acrylic center box with an angled, screen printed branding plate. We also created a clear acrylic front sleeve to accommodate an interchangeable graphic.
TRI LIPPID custom retail displays

Our next example is a lower cost version of a display we designed for Romotive that went in Brookstone stores. The version below had a simple MDF base and back panel with vinyl graphics. We incorporated a digital media player for a continuous loop video and included and an LED backlit Romo logo.
ROMO custom retail displays

Our ninth example is a metal countertop display we designed for Snak Club. This knock-down display featured green powder coated tubing, curved sheet metal header tiers, single peg hooks, and a PVC back panel with die-cut digitally printed header sign.
snakClub custom retail displays

Our final example is a counter display case we created for Fenix Lighting to merchandise the company’s line of flashlights. This case included 2 shelves, clear acrylic shelf glorifiers, a digitally printed back panel graphic, front and side screen printed acrylic headers, and vinyl base graphics.

FFL GLORIFIER custom retail displays
Don’t miss our next blog where we’ll share more examples of countertop POP displays.

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