Custom POP Displays and the Legendary Cardiff Kook

Posted by Jim Hollen on Aug 10, 2017 2:30:00 PM

-What We Can Learn from Creative Pranksters-

Today’s blog is about one thing- creativity. Our goal is to get you to tap into the creative side of your brain, to stop playing it so safe, to think out of the box. When designing custom POP displays that will catch a shopper’s attention, it sometimes pays to think like a prankster. By definition, pranksters are a bit on the mischievous side, but there is no question that top-notch pranksters are creative and know how to get attention. High Schoolers, particularly seniors who are weeks away from graduation, are notorious pranksters. You may have heard about the high school seniors who got their principal arrested by having the police officer convince the principal that he was driving a stolen motorcycle. Those are the types of pranks that are still talked about at reunions 50 years later.

Anyone can be a prankster. Tapping into the prankster within you will help you design more creative POP displays and ultimately help you differentiate your merchandising approach and your product from Joe Shortsleeves who repeatedly produces dull and boring displays.

To help inspire your creative prankster juices, we thought we would share the story of the Cardiff Kook. Cardiff by the Sea is a small town which ironically is located by the sea in Northern San Diego County. In 2007, the Cardiff Botanical Society and the City of Encinitas provided the funds to erect a 16’ bronze statue of a surfer boy called “Magic Carpet Ride”. The statue was placed near the San Elijo Beach Campground along scenic Pacific Coast Highway.


cardiff-kook Custom POP Displays


The statue was supposed to be a tribute to the local surf culture, but local surfers were quick to criticize the surfer’s poor form and the anemic wave he is riding. The statue resulted in a full-blown backlash within the community. Magic Capet Ride quickly became known as “Cardiff Kook.” Kook is slang for a wannabe surfer.

The controversy surrounding the statute has given rise to a decade-long tradition of dressing up the statue in various costumes throughout the year. This clandestine work is pulled off by an unknown set of pranksters who continue their protest through their own form of creative expression. The pictures below require no explanation. Which of them do you find most creative? Let us know your vote.



#1- Breast Cancer Awareness


cardiff-kook-breast-cancer Custom POP Displays


#2- Prehistoric Flying Reptile


cardiff-kook-prank Custom POP Displays


#3- Shark


shark Custom POP Displays


#4- Clown


clowning-around Custom POP Displays


# 5- Alice in Wonderland and #6- Bride


CAENCsurfer2017_jaykirby Custom POP Displays



CACARsurfer_jb Custom POP Displays


#7- Tribute to Michael Jackson


bb5c73dccf08fd7a9b89c388253177c6--the-kooks-outdoor-sculpture Custom POP Displays


#8- Lovenote to Local Politicians


Remove city council Custom POP Displays


#9- Christmas


433bf07e867682ba9942744fb42884cd--surf-trip-travel-deals Custom POP Displays


#10- Crucifixion


100_8172 Custom POP Displays


#11- Tribute to Local Artists


art Custom POP Displays


#12- Chicago Bulls


b6b93e433ba902b7059898c54583c22d--the-bull-cardiff Custom POP Displays


#13- First Responders


c9e9215b1a3b0d767982bd03258410a5 Custom POP Displays


#14- Epic Wave


b3e07ddbc3e38f1b077c252142e36241--cardiff-by-the-sea-encinitas Custom POP Displays


#15- Cartoon Head


Cartoon Head Custom POP Displays


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