7 POP Displays Designed to Glorify Products

Posted by Jim Hollen on Jul 23, 2015 2:30:00 PM

Although the majority of our assignments involve designing POP displays that merchandise one or more SKUs and incorporate product inventory into the display, we also get asked to design point-of-purchase displays that have the singular mission of glorifying a product. These are always fun projects for us since they challenge us to find a way to grab the consumer’s attention usually with a much smaller amount of retail real estate. In this blog, we will take a look at 7 examples of product glorifiers that we think successfully capture shopper attention.

We designed the glorifier shown below for Nike’s Sphere Macro React product. We were challenged to find a tasteful way to create product recognition while highlighting the key benefits of the product, which centered around the material’s breathability. The “Inhale/Exhale” graphic was a visually empowering way to tell the product benefit story. The graphic was designed to be mounted on a piece of curved sheet metal with a slatwall bracket on the back. We added silk screened graphics and a green translucent acrylic header with the Nike logo.

Nike Macro Swoosh Punch POP Display  

Our second example today is the product glorifier we designed for 180s to showcase their behind-the-head Exolite ear warmers. This design helped to set 180s ear warmers apart from other brands that are worn over the top of your head. We used sheet metal construction for the head, neck, and base. We added an explanatory graphic with product branding and created a rotating neck that enabled the head to be turned so the glorifier could work on a table as well as being hung on slatwall. This glorifier was visually simple but also highly versatile.

180 Exohead Glorifier POP Display

Our third example is a countertop product glorifier we designed for Dermal-E anti-aging cream. The glorifier was designed to be constructed using a distinctive wood melamine finish with silk screened graphics and a back graphic panel.

Dermal-E Anti-Aging Cream Countertop Florifier POP Display
Our fourth example shows how a product glorifier can be incorporated into a larger point-of-purchase display or store fixture. We created the simple sandal glorifier out of a piece of die-cut PVC with printed graphics to tell the product story. The glorifier provided an effective way to get the consumer to focus on the key features and benefits of the footwear product rather than getting lost in the sea of footwear packed on the display.

BAND Sandal Glorifier POP Display

Our fifth example is a countertop glorifier we designed for Watershots to give the consumer an opportunity to physically interact with one of the underwater cameras which we tethered to the display. At the same time the consumer could quickly read about the features and benefits of the camera which were printed on the graphics of the curved PVC back panel that was mounted to a PVC base unit.

WaterShot Underwater Camera CounterTop POP Display
Our sixth example is a floor display glorifier we designed for Zodiac Pool Systems to showcase their MX8 robotic pool cleaner. We used our CNC machine to make a stand that would help to reinforce the MX8 model. We powder coated the MDF to provide a high-end lasting finish on the MDF. We added a clear acrylic shelf accent to the MDF shelves and a PVC header to create a complete high-end floor display glorifier.

Zodiac Pool Cleaner Floor Pop Display
Our final example is a countertop glorifier we designed for Zuvo Water. We used black sintra for construction with a brushed aluminum laminate and an acrylic brochure holder with a vinyl front graphic. We mounted the product on the base and built a rear box to house the electrical wiring. This glorifier was visually simple, but it accomplished its objective of placing the focus on the product.
Zuvo Water Countertop Glorifier POP Display

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