5 Ways to Make Retail Displays Your Best Sales Force

Posted by Jim Hollen on May 14, 2015 2:30:00 PM

According to estimations reported by POPAI (Point of Purchase Agency International) 60% of buying decisions are made in store. That's why we're confident that retail displays are your best bet for a 24-hour highly profitable, low cost, high ROI sales force. That's also why we are in this business and why our company is experiencing rapid growth. Effective retail displays sell more, every time. Here are five quick tips to help you develop an effective display program to improve your sales today.

  1. Run the numbers and make projections for growth. It’s not generally an effective approach to think of POP displays simply as a cost. Investing in your retail display program can bring real returns. In fact, we would argue that your point-of-purchase display is perhaps the most effective sales person in your company. Sure, you might need a good sales person to land that big retail account, but once you are in, you have to get customers to buy your product. With all the other in-store competition and distractions, that means creating the best POP display possible.

It you are having difficulty making ROI projects for an investment in a POP display, or if you are undecided whether to splurge for the embedded video monitor, bring that up with your display provider. They often (as we do) have a long history of data and anecdotal experience that can help you make an informed decision. 

  1. Consider the shopper's experience. Think about which materials will fit best your retail format. The key is to complement the store decor (for credibility) but also to stand out and be remarkable. Things are busy out there and getting busier. We’ve seen a lot of retailers downsizing to smaller store formats. That means they are all trying to fit as much product in a smaller format while really emphasizing sales per square foot. Successful merchandising programs not only focus on tastefully packing as much product in the smallest footprint possible, but they also are very intentional about offering distinctive and clear value propositions.  

    Addidas Brand Hat and Cap Retail Display

  2. Communicate your brand message. In everything you do, it is critical that you communicate your brand message. That includes incorporating your messaging on your POP display, on your signs, on your messaging in all the details of your merchandising program. All too often we see our customers try to incorporate too many of the features and benefits of the product in their brand messaging. That’s understandable since they are passionate about their product and want to make sure everyone understands all of the things their product can do. However, consumers have a short attention span so boiling down your key value proposition to one or two key points is critical in effective brand messaging. Ask yourself what does your brand really stand for? What is the one thing you want the customer to remember about your brand or product? Good brand messaging takes a lot of work. Start broad and then narrow it down to what matters most about your product or brand and then make sure you incorporate your refined message into all aspects of your POP program.

    Honest Kitchen Bran Pet Food Wood Floor Retail Display

  3. Get some design inspiration. Browse the web and find some retail displays that are closest to your needs (or check out our custom displays for some quick ideas). Try looking on Pinterest and tag items and styles you like. Search Google Images to look for ideas. Go kick the tires at retail stores and see what displays catch your eye. Take some of your favorite designs as your starting point for your own custom retail display. Don’t be shy about sharing your favorite styles and ideas with your POP supplier. We find it easier to hit the design target and get our customers something they like when they take the time to share what they like and what inspires them.


  1. Find a trustworthy source to create your retail display. (Hey, that’s us!) Check their industry-specific expertise and compare some of their projects with other manufacturers. Do they have a proven track record, enough projects and credible testimonials? Are they just showing you renders of their work or have they actually produced the displays they have designed. Discuss your program, your objectives, your timing, and your budget. Ask them to design the display you want, and then ask for a quote. Once you see the design, ask if there are value engineering opportunities to reduce costs without compromising the design intent. If you feel that you have found a trustworthy display provider, work with them closely, share ideas, and treat them as a partner if you want to get their best work.
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