5 Retail Counter Displays You Can Take to the Point of Purchase Design Bank

Posted by Jim Hollen on Feb 11, 2016 2:30:00 PM

We are passionate about point of purchase design. We love designing and manufacturing what we design. We like talking about it, sharing our ideas, and looking for ways to continually get better at what we do. It is in that spirit that we’ll share 5 examples of retail counter displays we designed. While they all happen to come from the consumer electronics category, they could be easily adapted to fit almost an industry.

Our first example is a counter display we designed to showcase AT&T’s Bluetooth-enabled LoudSpeak’r. We created an orange-painted MDF base, a curved white acrylic back panel, a sheet metal shelf to hold the product with a sheet metal rear stand, and interchangeable PVC graphics that were held in place by a orange powder coated metal clip with screen printed AT&T branding. The display was compact, simple, and affordable.

AT&TCOUNTER POINT OF PURCHASE TOY DISPLAYOur second example is a counter display we designed for Modular Robotics’ Moss robot. Moss is really a robot kit that includes 16 robot pieces and 56 spheres to enable you to create over 100 different custom robot configurations. With all the possible configurations, it was a challenge to create a display that could quickly communicate the possibilities to potential customers. We decide to create one standard configuration of Moss and place it in an acrylic case that sat on a white acrylic base. To tell the real configurability story, we incorporated a digital media player in the back acrylic panel and then added dimensional acrylic letters, a screen printed logo symbol, and curved digitally printed PVC graphics.


Our third example today is a relatively simple POP counter display we designed for Appbot, a smart, WIFI-controlled home security robot. This display was constructed using a single piece of acrylic which was heat bent to create the desired shape. The display incorporated direct printed graphics on the back and center panel. We also designed space for a dummy Appbot so consumers could see and touch the product out of the box.

Our fourth example is a countertop display we designed and manufactured for Fenix, creator of high technology LED flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, bike lights, and LED illumination products for tactical applications such as camping and climbing. This countertop POP glorifier display was constructed of an angled MDF platform with a variable hole pattern to accommodate a wide range of products. We added a die-cut PVC back panel graphic and incorporated a variety of yellow acrylic individual product glorifiers, each of which had a unifying screen printed Fenix logo.

Our final example is a counter display we designed for Dog and Bone Cases to go in Best Buy Canada stores. The display was specifically designed for the company’s LockSmart product, a keyless Bluetooth padlock. We designed the display out of white acrylic and built in explanatory back panel graphics and base graphics. We added an acrylic stand to mount the LockSmart padlock and screened printed logo graphics on the front shelf lip.


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