The Inevitable Path for Retailers and Implications for Point of Purchase Displays

Posted by Jim Hollen on Aug 25, 2016 2:30:00 PM

The retail industry is in the early stages of a major transformation. Like other mature industries, the retail industry is characterized by significant overcapacity, increasing price competition, declining margins, continued consolidation, and external disruptive forces. There are 4 changes that must occur for health of the retail industry to be restored. We will summarize these changes and briefly discuss the implications for point of purchase displays.
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Point of Purchase Design: The Latest POP Displays Out of Our Millwork Shop

Posted by Jim Hollen on Aug 22, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Domestically produced displays are becoming increasingly popular as shorter planning horizons and requests for smaller production runs become the new norm. Brand marketers and retailers are emphasizing speed and flexibility to meet the changing needs of consumers in an uncertain retail environment. These trends have implications for point of purchase design. Shorter runs dictate that we avoid POP display designs that require expensive tooling since there are fewer units over which to amortize fixed tooling costs. In today’s blog, we’ll share some of our recent work produced in our wood shop in Oceanside, CA. Our intent is not to be the guy at the cocktail party that talks about himself, but rather, we like to share our work regularly to add to the public domain of POP display solutions that might inspire someone seeking a new merchandising approach.
Our first example is a wood pegboard display we designed for P.L.A. Y.’s line of outdoor dog toys. The display featured 3 hinged pegboard panels that could be configured as a triangle or as a double-sided straight or angled wall. We use a stained solid pine frame, a permanent screen printed logo, die-cut digitally printed header signs, and single peg hooks. We also made a single panel version of the display for smaller format pet stores.
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Point of Purchase Displays and 9 Key Lessons Derived from 150 Startups

Posted by Jim Hollen on Aug 18, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Whenever we post a blog, we view it as an opportunity to take a step back and consider what we have learned about designing and manufacturing point of purchase displays. We also seek to share the knowledge we gain with others who continually strive to improve our industry. We are big fans of a weekly technology blog produced by Peter Diamandis.

Peter recently interviewed Bill Gross, CEO and Founder of Idealab, about the lessons he learned over the last 25 years during which he started 150 companies. Bill’s success as an incredible entrepreneur and business incubator has been well documented. Forty-five of the 150 companies have gone public or been acquired, while 60 of the companies failed. The key lessons learned come from both his successes and failures. We think the 9 lessons that Bill shares are very insightful and can help anyone who seeks to be successful in business.

Among the lessons learned Bill discusses the importance of solving a problem you deeply understand, the benefits of testing ideas quickly and cheaply, as well as structuring trial periods for potential new employees to test “Talent Fit.” Bill emphasizes the importance of passion, the criticality of timing, the magic of distributing equity to create an ownership mentality, the necessity of creating a culture that kills as well as nurtures ideas, and adaptability and flexibility as the most important attributes in CEOs.

These lessons learned are timeless and hugely relevant to entrepreneurs in any industry today. Check out Peter’s short but powerful interview with Bill Gross here.

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T Shirt Display Options: Using Solid Wood to Create a Natural Look

Posted by Matthew Kull on Aug 16, 2016 2:30:00 PM

We’ve recently been writing a fair amount about t shirt display ideas and also about how retail wood displays are trending. If you missed our recent blog series entitled “Creating Impulse Sales with an Effective T Shirt Display,” you can check out Part I here and Part II here. Likewise, our blog entitled “ Should You Invest in a T Shirt Display or Just Continue Selling on Amazon?,” was an eye-opener for us after digging into the data. If you missed that post, you should definitely check it out. In addition to our recent musings about t shirt displays, we have been sharing our thinking on wood displays. Two of our recent posts were: “ Wood Displays are Trending” and “ The Next Big Idea in Point of Purchase Design: Beetle Kill Pine.” Today we are going to combine these ideas and show lots of examples of solid wood displays that can be used to merchandise t-shirts as well as other apparel items.
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Point of Purchase Displays and the Power of Collective Social Consciousness

Posted by Jim Hollen on Aug 9, 2016 2:30:00 PM

In practicing their craft, experienced POP display designers often tap into a variety of disciplines such as art, engineering, psychology, and economics. What if there were a scientifically-proven phenomenon that was so powerful that its impact on the success of point of purchase displays could dwarf all the other disciplines combined? What if the undeniable power of collective social consciousness could be harnessed in a way that could yield a multiple-fold increase in sales for your product or your retail enterprise?
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Custom Retail Displays and the Power of Position

Posted by Jim Hollen on Aug 4, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Let’s start with the punchline: Position Matters. We’re huge advocates of creating authentic, highly differentiated, and inspiring custom retail displays. However, the greatest display in the world will fail to meet sales expectations if it is not in the right position (i.e., location) in a retail store.

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Point of Purchase Displays: What the Retail Industry Can Learn from the Movie Theater Market

Posted by Jim Hollen on Aug 2, 2016 2:30:00 PM

The dynamics of the movie theater market over the last 20 years bear striking similarities to the turbulent forces at work in the retail industry.  Can the structure, conduct, and performance of the movie theater industry provide a glimpse of what the future holds for retail? What are the key lessons learned from the movie theater industry that might benefit retailers? What are the implications for point of purchase displays? In today’s blog, we’ll examine the parallels between these two industries and attempt to answer these key questions.
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Ideas for Designing a Creative Sunglass Display Case

Posted by Jim Hollen on Jul 28, 2016 2:30:00 PM

It’s easy to hit a wall when it comes to trying to design a creative sunglass display case. After all, there are limits to the number of shapes, sizes, and materials you can use when designing a display case for sunglasses. And, display cases in general tend to be fairly expensive so realistic budgets often play a role in limiting creativity. Today, we’ll look at more than 15 different sunglass display case designs with the hope of sparking some creativity in the eyewear category or in other high-value product categories that warrant a locking case.
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Should You Invest in a T Shirt Display or Just Continue Selling on Amazon?

Posted by Jim Hollen on Jul 26, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Say you’re in the t-shirt business, and you’re serious about growing your business. Like many t-shirt companies, you may have started out selling your t-shirts on line. It’s a logical place to start given that the barriers to entry are very low. It’s a way to get in the game quickly while also providing a way to get some market feedback on your product. If you want to take your business to the next level, you will inevitably have to evaluate the costs and benefits of getting your t-shirts into physical retail stores. Achieving retail success might mean forking over the money for a t shirt display. In today’s blog, we are using t-shirts as an example, but no matter what your product, it is important that you understand the true cost of selling on Amazon as well as the cost and benefits of investing in a point-of-purchase display for your product.
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This Cool Food Cart Offers Endless Possibilities for Point of Purchase Design

Posted by Jim Hollen on Jul 21, 2016 2:30:00 PM

In today’s blog we’ll share a very cool food cart we just designed and manufactured. We’ll also put on our point of purchase design hat and share our ideas for how the cart could be customized to change up the look and increase its utility. We were asked by Nongshim USA to make a food cart or what they call a “market cart” to display their noodle products in Korean supermarkets. Nongshim has a wide range of noodle and related food products that are very popular, particularly among Asian consumers. Nongshim wanted us to design and manufacture an authentic-looking cart that could hold a significant amount of product while also serving as an in-store attraction to draw in customers and promote the Nongshim brand. The pictures below show the cart we made.
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